Healthy Eating

Today Primary 1c had great fun making fruit salads with the help of Mrs Valente. We were very safe and took our time to chop and cut bananas, strawberries and apples. We added in some yummy orange juice at the end. It was great fun!


IMG_0505IMG_0506 IMG_0507 IMG_0508 IMG_0509

Woodland fun

We had lots of fun at our Woodland Area this week. Miss Adair and Miss Lawrence’s class joined together to explore and try lots of activities.

We tried working as a team IMG_0486

to balance on a log for thirty seconds.

It was very tricky!






Eilidh was very successful finding lots of wiggly worms.





Kaiden decided to do a spot of sunbathing.





Fraser and Elise had great fun rolling tyres down the hill.





Ailsa and Charlotte made up a fantastic dance together.



Humza got to see the giant digger working on the school grounds.


We are looking forward to next week’s trip to the Woodland.


Primary 1c have been looking at the class blog in ICT. All of the boys and girls now know how to find and show you their class blog. Maybe they could show you this week.


Today P1c were talking about how we can be good friends to each other in the playground. We had lots of good ideas and are all going to try especially hard to make sure everyone has someone to play with. We understand we must use our kind hands and kind words at all times and must tell an adult in the playground if we feel somebody is not following the rules.

Woodland Afternoon in the sun

We had a fantastic afternoon exploring the woodland area.


We were very busy looking for worms and other insects that were hiding underneath the logs.

IMG_0478 IMG_0479 IMG_0482

We made lots of yummy mud pies and cupcakes too.


We made a car for the Gruffalo to get to the beach at the weekend.


It was lots of fun and we can’t wait to go back again next week!

11th September 2015

“Learning new friends” – (Adam Henderson)

This week in P1 we have all been learning three new sounds. We have learned “l”, “o” and “u.” We enjoyed learning the new actions and songs. During maths time, we have been practising our numbers 1-20. 1A have been learning about the number before and after. Class 1C were learning about smaller and bigger numbers and had fun colouring the biggest number on spaceships. Class 1B were learning about time. We made our own clocks out of paper plates which was great fun. In French we were learning “bien, comme ci comme ca et ca va mal.” (Murray Leitch). In gym we played lots of games such as tig, duck duck goose and Octopus, octopus. At assembly we have been learning new songs about Crookfur and it’s a chance for us to see all of the other boys and girls within the school. “Make this world a better place is my favourite song.” (Timothy Otudeko). The song “Chop chop choppity chop” seems to be a hit this week in Primary 1.

Mrs Robertson – 23rd October 2015

Primary 1a have had a busy week. We have been learning about being a good friend and Chloe said it’s important to see if someone is on their own and play with them.

Timothy thinks we have been learning a lot of sounds and this week we have been learning ‘ai’ and ‘oa’ and today we learned ‘ie’. Well done everyone!

Owen really enjoys doing his homework as do Eilidh, Nicolas, Eva, Abbie, Eliza, John, Connal and Holly. Lucy reccognises that we use letters to make words; she can spell ‘can’. Well done Lucy!

Holly liked making a poster of herself; we all did that and the pictures are going on the wall.

Lots of us are gaining plus points – keep it up.

Mrs Robertson – 23rd October 2015

Primary 1 are happy to be back for a new term. We have seen the plans for the new school and are very pleased with them.

Holly enjoys doing her homework and she loves counting up to 20.. She is learning to add two numbers together. Eilidh, Harry and Lucy also like doing homework.

Eliza likes being in school and she likes doing number work. She likes to use her fingers to help her count.

Timothy likes doing maths work and he can count in his head.

Leo enjoys doing homework too because he likes writing letters. Keep this up Leo!

Zainab likes counting small numbers.

We have been busy!