A Busy Week in Primary 3

We’ve all had another busy hardworking week in primary 3.

I’ve really enjoyed the maths activities. We have been learning about angles and movement and position.  Hirah

I know about right angles. They have 90 degrees. Hibba

I learned acute angles are smaller than right angles and obtuse angles are bigger than right angles. Ruby

In Maths we have also been learning about different strategies for subtraction and different words for subtraction e.g. difference between, subtraction, take away and minus. Menahil

I have learned about full turns, half turns and quarter turns. I used the Bee Bots to help me. Leon

Our topic is The Ancient Egyptians. We have learned lots of interesting information, including facts about Tutankhamen , pyramids and the gods. Ailsa

In topic we have also learned about the importance of the River Nile during the time of the Ancient Egyptians. Eilidh P

In writing I have enjoyed watching the Dream Giver and writing about my dream. I imagined the Dream Giver poured some golden liquid out of an egg on to my monkey. Suddenly my dream took me to a knitted jungle. I had a great adventure there. Elise

In Drama we have really enjoyed playing the balloon game. We had to float like balloons until we were popped by Mrs Nasar or Ms Spiteri! We also enjoyed the story about the Lonely Giant. Noor

In RME we have learned about Siddhartha Gautama, the rich prince in Buddhism. Eilidh M

What a busy week!

Friday 1st September 2017

Primary 3A

This is our first Blog.

Every week we will tell you all about our learning, achievements and the fun we’re having in Primary 3.

This week we have enjoyed writing about Little Red Riding Hood and her adventure with the Big Bad Wolf. We tried to use some connectives in our stories. (Connectives are words like: but, because, if and even though.) We use connectives to link our ideas.

We’ve picked really good names for our Literacy groups. We have chosen Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. This is because some of us are big fans of Harry Potter!

Our maths groups are called Spring, Summer and Winter. This week we have been tiling with different shapes. We have also done lots of activities with a 100 square. We are good at making patterns on our number squares.

Today we were solving word problems using lots of different strategies. We like to share strategies with each other.

We have chosen to research the ancient Egyptians for our Topic. We are all really looking forward to finding out about Pharaohs and pyramids.