Science and Maths Fun!

Yesterday (on Thursday) we made windsocks and we made it with a green piece of paper which we had to decorate. Then we had to decorate strips of paper and stick it in between the dots on the green piece of paper. After that we got a bit of Sellotape and we rolled up the piece of green paper and stuck it together. (Muhammad)

Some people used glue to stick the green piece of paper together. Today (Friday) we tested it out. (Hirah)

There was hardly any wind today so it didn’t blow very well. (Thomas)

We are going to test them out at home instead. (Elise)

It might not be windy just now but it might be at night time. (Adam H)

The Triangles group have recently been using number lines to 100 and adding in tens with Miss Murchie and Ms Biggart. (Ailsa)

The Circles group have been adding in 1’s and 2’s and have been using the equals sign, less than sign and more than sign to compare numbers. (Jamie)

The Squares group have been learning how to subtract 9 and we started with taking away 10 and then add back on 1. (Ruby)

The Squares group have also been subtracting tens and units as well. We have been using invisible number lines to help us. (Timothy)