Highlights of the week :)

It has been another busy week in P3!

In maths the Moons have been having fun with fractions! We played matching fraction games (Rebecca) and fraction colouring games (Rachel). We made fraction dice and played fraction five in a row. It was great fun! Aryan won in our team (Dylan)! The Stars are learning how to tell the time (Euan). We have been looking at different clocks and recognising quarter to and quarter past (Caitlin). We played a really fun clock game on the computer (Zara)! We have also been working on our times tables in mental maths (Ellis). We have lots of activities to do that help us memorise our tables (Lucas).

In language, all of the groups have been looking at more non-fiction texts. We can identify some of their features, such as the glossary (Abi), index page (Owen), contents page (Molly), as well as headings and sub headings (Dhruv).

Our Viking topic is really cool (Tristan)! We have been learning about the eway the Vikings lived (Iga). We drew Viking longhouses (Austin). We acted out life in a Viking longhouse  which was great fun (Kai)! We were acting out making clothes on a loom (Rachel), skinning animals (Lois), sweeping the floor, and preparing food (Ruby).

A super second week (Molly)

In language we have been doing some writing. We got to create our own imaginitive story (Abi). We have been brushing up on our use of punctuation – Miss McLaren read out a paragraph with no punctuation and didn’t stop to take a breath. That helped us see where we need to put full stops (Lois). We got a sheet with no punctuation and had to use play-doh to add in full stops and capital letters (Rachel). We have been revising our phonemes too. We had to be reminded about long and short vowel sounds (Molly)! We are really enjoying our new class novel ‘The Twits’ (Jenny).

In maths we have been applying our learning by doing challenges (Dylan). We have been learning about multiplication. We like the numberjacks multiplication songs (Ellis).

In our new topic we have been learning about where the Vikings came from (Boyd). We wrote out names using the Viking alphabet – it was fun (Aryan). We presented the powerpoints that we created for homework, which was really fun (Rebecca). We also found out we will be going on a trip to Vikingar next month! We can’t wait (Millie-Anne)!


We were out on our scooters again this week! I loved it (Ruby)! We learned how to do a bunny hop (Austin)! I fell off my scooter (Matthew). We did 2 laps of the tracks (Tristan). I really enjoyed when we did tricks through the cones (Zara). Miss Mclaren even joined in too (Dylan). We liked racing her (Jenny)!

New beginnings :)

In maths, the moons have started to learn about fractions (Dhruv). I like fractions because it can sometimes be a bit of a challenge (Rebecca and Orla). I really enjoy the maths challenges the stars have been doing – we even did some multiplication (Lois).

Our writing lesson this week started off with a tricky challenge – we had to punctuate a paragraph! We even spotted some missing apostrophes (Aryan). We then wrote about our best part of 2016 and our new year’s resolutions (Molly)! We had a spelling test this week (Owen) – we still find phonemes a little tricky but we like learning these through fun games!

We have new target jotters. Every week we have to set ourselves a personal goal for numeracy, literacy, and one other curricular area of our choice (Austin).

I am really excited about our new Viking topic (Jenny). I think this will be a really fun topic and I am really excited to learn about the long boats (Rachel). I can’t wait to learn about what the Vikings used to eat (Cara)!

We have entered a Harry Potter competition!! We designed a professor and sent our completed pictures to London (Cara). If someone in our class wins, we will win a trip of a lifetime to discover the magic of Harry Potter at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, as well as a hardback box set of the seven Harry Potter books and Harry Potter themed goody bags (Chloe)

In PE we have been doing fitness in the new gym hall (Abi). We are also how to ride mini scooters over on the track at Eastwood (Tristan). I learned how to do a ‘miniman’ which involves crouching down on the scooter (Kai). I had great fun doing a lap of the track (Zara)! I can’t wait to learn more new tricks next time(Matthew).









P3B’s amazing week ☺ (Zara)

In maths we have all been learning about coordinates. (Chloe) We have been learning to go across, then up when reading a grid. We used our new skills to play Battleships. (Owen) We also directed Bee-Bots on a mat using our coordinate knowledge. (Cara)

The stars have been continuing to work on tricky subtraction calculations. (Zara) It was tricky at the start but I am now getting the hang of it. (Ellis)

The comets have been exploring numbers up to 100. We know the symbols for greater than and less than (Tristan). I had a great time playing splat on the smartboard!  (Ahmed)

The moons have been revising addition with carrying using hundreds and our times table facts. (Molly)

We have been keeping fit dancing! (Matthew) I have learned lots of new moves (Rebecca)! I have learned some really cool Zumba moves. (Ellis)

Benjamin Bunny’s reading group have been predicting how our novel, The Frankenstein Teacher, may end! (Zara)

Tom Kitten’s group have been reading stories about Dipper the dolphin. (Jenny) We have been working on sequencing tasks. (Lucas)

During topic we have been learning about the constellations. Constellations are groups of stars in the sky (Millie-Anne). We each drew our 3 favourite constellations with chalk, and labelled them. (Lois) My favourite constellation is the big dipper (Rachel). My favourite constellation is Orion. (Aryan) I like Cygnus the swan. (Abi and Orla) My favourite constellation is Leo the Lion. (Dylan and Ruby)


A wonderful week in P3b ☺ Molly

We have been looking at the phases of the moon this week. (Owen)

I learned some new words about the phases of the moon… new moon, half moon, waxing gibbous (Jenny).

I am looking forward to seeing the supermoon on Monday because I have never seen it before! The moon will be the closest to the Earth that it has been in almost 70 years so it will appear bigger and brighter. (Dhruv)

In maths, the stars have been learning to do subtraction vertically (Chloe). We have been learning to exchange. (Lois) The moons have been working on addition with carrying with hundreds and thousands! It has been tricky but I am getting the hang of it now. (Abi)

Peter Rabbit’s reading group has been reading Mr Majeika and answering true/false/can’t tell questions (Molly)

In writing, we have been learning about different types of functional writing. (Rachel) We made posters about Glasgow Science Centre to encourage people to visit (Molly)

We made space masks with Mrs Stewart. We drew our faces in a circle and used a frame covered in tinfoil so we look like astronauts (Zara).

We have been working on our coordination in PE. I love learning new dance moves in zumba!  I like when we do the morning run as a warm up, and I have learned some new stretches. (Austin)


I love learning about the Global Goals. We discussed ways we can reduce our carbon footprint, like recycling and saving energy. (Ellis)



A fabulous week in P3 ☺ (Ellis)

I have really enjoyed maths this week – we did really hard word problems and I enjoyed the challenge. (Orla)

The stars have been learning how to do subtraction. (Austin) I really enjoyed doing vertical subtraction calculations! (Zara)

I loved the loop card maths challenge. (Euan)

I had fun doing fact family houses in maths. (Jenny)

I have learned how to do vertical multiplication calculations. (Aryan) I have enjoyed division in maths. (Abi)

We have been learning the difference between a suffix and a prefix. (Rebecca)

My new book ‘Mr Majeika’ is really exciting. (Rachel)

I like our new book ‘The Frankenstein Teacher’. (Ellis)

I loved designing Christmas cards in Art and I am really excited about them being sent away to be made into proper Christmas cards. (Molly)







We had a very exciting start to the term as we went on a class trip to Glasgow Science Centre ☺ (Abi) This trip helped us learn more about our topic of sun, moon and stars. (Cara)

We went into a room called ‘The Egg’ where we learned about space and Tim Peak. (Dhruv)

In ‘The Egg’ we did lots of fun activities. I really enjoyed firing rockets! (Lois) I liked trying to place the satellite on the International Space Station when wearing funny glasses! (Owen) I got to use a hairdryer to blow a ball into a net! (Euan)

My favourite part of the trip was looking at the stars in the planetarium! It was so cool it felt like we were actually in space.  (Lucas)

I am really enjoying our topic! (Chloe)