Science Workshop

On Tuesday, Primary 3 had some visitors to tell us more about the sun, moon and Earth.

“We looked at the Earth and had to decide where Scotland was on the globe.” (Cara)

“We revised why we have day and night. We know that the Earth spins around the sun and when the Earth is facing the sun it is daytime and when it is facing away from the sun it is night time.” (Mhairi and Chloe)

“The people doing the show were very funny and we learned lots. Something new that we learned is why it is different times around the world.” (Eilidh)

“If it was lunchtime in Scotland it would be past lunchtime in South Africa because they are facing further away from the sun.” (Ryan)

“In China they would be having their dinner when we are having lunch because they are even further around the Earth.” (Alexander)

“Australia would be sleeping when we are having lunch and in America they would be having their breakfast because they are behind us.” (Eesa)

“This is because the sun rises in the East in the morning and sets in the West at night.” (Eleya)