Primary 3 were very pleased to have the opportunity to go to Vikingar in Largs to learn more about their topic of the Vikings.

“The first thing we did was look at the Viking longhouse.” (Chloe)

“I learned how the Vikings made their food and that the longhouse is used for different rooms like the kitchen, bedroom and living room.” (Eleya)

“I enjoyed squeezing the little rat! I learned that they slept on benches and the adult’s bench was wider than the children’s bench.” (Ryan)

“I liked it when we pretended to make fish and chips but instead of chips we had to use oats. We also have to grind the rye to make flour for the bread.” (Eilidh)

In the longhouse we were also given the chance to try on some of the armour the Vikings would wear.

“I liked trying on the different helmets.” (Cara)

“Some of the helmets had nose and ear protectors but none of them had horns as the Vikings didn’t have them.” (Muskaan)

After the longhouse we went into ‘The Room of the Gods”.

“We got to hold shields and had to hide behind them to protect us from people throwing bean bags at us.” (Sam)

“I enjoyed hiding behind my shield, luckily no one managed to hit me!” (Cameron)

“I got hit lots when I was behind the shield!” (Cara)

In the Room of the Gods we also watched a video telling us more information about some of the Gods and Goddesses we had learned about in class.

“I learned that Odin sacrificed his eye to a serpent in order to become a God.” (Cole)

“We then learned about the different clothes the Vikings would wear depending on their job and how rick they were.” (Maryam)

“If you were a poor farmer, you would wear brown wool or sometimes green. They would make the green by making a dye from grass.” (Lauren and Sam)

“If you had a lot of money you would wear blue, purple or white. People who had lots of money were normally traders.” (Sam)

“I learned that married woman wore headscarves. If their husbands died they would get their Thor’s hammer which would tell you how many times that had been married.” (Ayla)


We had a great time at Vikingar and learned a lot more about our topic – we are excited to take our knowledge back into the classroom with us!!