A super second week (Molly)

In language we have been doing some writing. We got to create our own imaginitive story (Abi). We have been brushing up on our use of punctuation – Miss McLaren read out a paragraph with no punctuation and didn’t stop to take a breath. That helped us see where we need to put full stops (Lois). We got a sheet with no punctuation and had to use play-doh to add in full stops and capital letters (Rachel). We have been revising our phonemes too. We had to be reminded about long and short vowel sounds (Molly)! We are really enjoying our new class novel ‘The Twits’ (Jenny).

In maths we have been applying our learning by doing challenges (Dylan). We have been learning about multiplication. We like the numberjacks multiplication songs (Ellis).

In our new topic we have been learning about where the Vikings came from (Boyd). We wrote out names using the Viking alphabet – it was fun (Aryan). We presented the powerpoints that we created for homework, which was really fun (Rebecca). We also found out we will be going on a trip to Vikingar next month! We can’t wait (Millie-Anne)!


We were out on our scooters again this week! I loved it (Ruby)! We learned how to do a bunny hop (Austin)! I fell off my scooter (Matthew). We did 2 laps of the tracks (Tristan). I really enjoyed when we did tricks through the cones (Zara). Miss Mclaren even joined in too (Dylan). We liked racing her (Jenny)!