New beginnings :)

In maths, the moons have started to learn about fractions (Dhruv). I like fractions because it can sometimes be a bit of a challenge (Rebecca and Orla). I really enjoy the maths challenges the stars have been doing – we even did some multiplication (Lois).

Our writing lesson this week started off with a tricky challenge – we had to punctuate a paragraph! We even spotted some missing apostrophes (Aryan). We then wrote about our best part of 2016 and our new year’s resolutions (Molly)! We had a spelling test this week (Owen) – we still find phonemes a little tricky but we like learning these through fun games!

We have new target jotters. Every week we have to set ourselves a personal goal for numeracy, literacy, and one other curricular area of our choice (Austin).

I am really excited about our new Viking topic (Jenny). I think this will be a really fun topic and I am really excited to learn about the long boats (Rachel). I can’t wait to learn about what the Vikings used to eat (Cara)!

We have entered a Harry Potter competition!! We designed a professor and sent our completed pictures to London (Cara). If someone in our class wins, we will win a trip of a lifetime to discover the magic of Harry Potter at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, as well as a hardback box set of the seven Harry Potter books and Harry Potter themed goody bags (Chloe)

In PE we have been doing fitness in the new gym hall (Abi). We are also how to ride mini scooters over on the track at Eastwood (Tristan). I learned how to do a ‘miniman’ which involves crouching down on the scooter (Kai). I had great fun doing a lap of the track (Zara)! I can’t wait to learn more new tricks next time(Matthew).