Highlights of the week!

It has been another hard working week in Primary 3a. We have compiled a list below explaining what our highlight of the week has been.

“I liked doing sewing, I’m practising how to cross stitch a shape.” (Emma)

“My highlight of the week was making shadow puppets to act out the story of Diwali.” (Oscar)

“My highlight has been sewing. I’ve planned my design on dotty paper and I am making my coaster to take home.” (Cole)

“My highlight has also been sewing. I’m making my real design after practising. I’ve managed to stitch a triangle, straight line and the letter ‘L’.” (Cara)

“I liked making shadow puppets. We acted out the story using the whiteboard to make our shadows.” (Ayla)

“I also liked making the shadow puppets. It was funny when one of our characters got accidentally squashed!” (Louis)

“My favourite part of the week has been making a fraction wall on the computer. I discovered that you need twohalves to make a whole and three thirds to make a whole and so on.” (Sam)

“I liked completing a drawing to invite members of the council to the school over Christmas.” (Alexander)

“I liked drawing our Christmas cards to give to the council, as an invitation.” (Eilidh)

“I enjoyed finishing my persuasive poster. I made one called ‘Mega marshmallow’ when you suck it, it gets bigger and bigger.” (Kai)

“I enjoyed doing sewing. I’m about to start my design, just now I am planning and drawing an ice-skate.” (Lauren)

“I enjoyed practising multiplication by completing a colouring task. We had to work out the answer and colour the box in the colour that matched the answer.” (Chloe)

“I liked doing greater than and less than work. We looked at numbers up to 100 and had to choose if they were bigger or smaller than another number.” (Aliyah)

“I enjoyed doing sewing. I’m planning my design, so far I have stitched a circle and the letter ‘T’.” (Muskaan)

“I liked reading ‘The Big Snowball’ my favourite characters were the two dragons because they were little.” (Mhairi)

“I liked doing different stations for maths. I liked using the Beebots to direct them around the town and space. I made them turn left and right through a right angle.” (Eleya)

“I liked doing maths. We looked at exchanging. I know that you can make the number 73 by using 7 tens and 3 units or 6 tens and 13 units.” (Rosie)

“I liked doing tiling and completing my stained glass window. We traced over our designs with special pens and put them on the window. They look nice!” (Amrit)

“I liked doing different stations for maths learning about angles and directions. My favourite one using the alphabet mat to direct people to the letters in their name.” (Eesa)

“I liked doing sewing. I have sewn the letter ‘H’ and planned my real design. I’m finding it much easier now we have practised.” (Maryam)

“I have liked doing my persuasive poster. The name of my bar is ‘Foot Choc’ and when you eat it lots of footballs magically appear in your garden!” (Lewis)

“I liked making and using my right angle checker. I turned it into an acute angle by folding it to make it smaller.” (Cameron)

“I liked doing the sewing. I’m now on to my real design after planning. I’ve managed to do a straight line and a rectangle and the letter ‘L’.” (Ryan)

“I liked doing sewing. I’m on to my planning page where I am planning my coaster. I think I am going to try and sew my name.” (Calum)

“I liked doing maths this week. I liked doing 27 – 18 so since you can’t do 7 take away ten. You need to make 17 and do that take away which equals 9. Then you have 1 ten. 1 take away 1 is zero so my answer would be 9.” (Ethan)

We hope you all have a good weekend and check in with us again next week to see what else we have bee  up to.