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February 24, 2019
by G Atkinson
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P6B Blog – 22.02.19

Snapshot of P6B’s learning!

This week in P.E. we started practising skills related to tennis. First we worked on our ability to control the ball and then we learnt about the importance of positioning. Next we were introduced to a forehand activity which required us to work in pairs and throw the ball at our partners racket. Then, in a controlled way we would hit the ball back.

In ICT we resumed our spreadsheet and information handling lessons. This required us to use a range of formulas related to addition, subtraction and multiplication to complete questions based on the data. Mr Atkinson also explained to us how these formulas can be used in jobs.

In language we all finished our class novel Chill by Alex Nye. During our time of reading this book we have been applying lots of different reading skills such as evaluating, predicting, analysing, comparing, contrasting, inferring, summarising and assessing. By using these techniques we have a greater understanding of the plot.

P6 are also in the process of creating dramatisations of popular fairytales but with a focus on the UNCRC articles. Next week the P6 pupils plan to perform their stories in front of the morning and afternoon nursery sessions.

Mr Atkinson’s Comment

Well done to everyone who organised and took park in the Mini Mudder challenge! It was thoroughly enjoyed by all and helped raise funds for the new activity trail. Thank you to all the parents and guardians who are allowing their children to bring in items related to the China topic. It provides the pupils an opportunity to share their knowledge with their peers.

February 16, 2019
by G Atkinson
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P6B Blog – 15.02.19

Snapshot of P6B’s learning!

P6B spent the week celebrating Chinese New Year! We learnt how to say Happy New Year, researched the Chinese Zodiac story, practised writing some names in Mandarin and created our KWL for starting the topic next week. Through compare and contrast activities we are going to link the rights of a child and the UNCRC articles to this topic. The class also got to experience first-hand the tao hongbao custom of giving red envelops.

In maths Albert Einstein have started the algebra topic. Isaac Newton created their own perimeters by using measuring tapes and metre sticks. Emmy Noether have been converting grams and kilograms. They also used scales to weigh different objects. Maria Agnesi finished their grid reference topic by challenging each other to plot and connect several grid references.

Mr Judge has started the fitness block for his P.E. sessions.

As part of our Health and Wellbeing topic we have been learning about substance misuse. In groups we discussed how medicines can be used safely and how some substances can affect the body and behaviour differently.

During our ICT session we discussed the importance of permission, consent and not sharing personal information online. The Campus Cop also visited to inform us about how to safely use the internet and what the age guideline of games meant.

On Friday we were all given fobs and maps for Beat the Street. Beat The Street is a games which involves walking, running and cycling around Barrhead and Newton Mearns finding senors in different locations. Pressing our fobs against the senors gains us points which will contribute to our schools overall score. If our school gains the most points then we will be rewarded with a £300 gift card.

Mr Atkinson’s Comment

It was great meeting everyone at Parents Night. Remember application forms for Crookfur’s Got Talent are available for pupils to collect. Congratulations to Lucas, Emily and Calum for raising a £150 for the Radio Clyde Cash for Kids appeal. They baked and sold delicious cakes to raise this money. Good luck everyone with Beat the Street!


February 3, 2019
by G Atkinson
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P6B Blog – 01.02.19

Snapshot of P6B’s learning!

Our class novel is Chill by Alex Nye! Mr Becket, who is an archaeologist, shared with us his experience of exploring the actually area where The Battle of Sheriffmuir occurred, which we read about in the book.



During our natural disaster topic we carried a range of science experiments such as volcano and blizzard making. Everyone in the class also had to prepare debates and presentations on their disasters. This involved researching a natural disaster and then peer assessing each presentation. We then discussed how the rights of a child may be affected   in the aftermath of a natural disaster. For example, children may not have access to education, clean water or a safe place to play. 

In preparation for the P6 show, A Broons Guide to Scotland, some of the pupils were busy making props! As part of our Scotland topic, Mrs Norman and Mr Atkinson helped us recreate our very own Charles Rennie Mackintosh paintings which are now displayed outside the classroom. We loved learning about the history of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and how his designs still influence modern architecture.

Every Friday the class and the Eco Committee gathers and counts the crisps packets from all the classes in the school as part of a new recycling scheme.


Mr Atkinson’s Comment

Congratulations to everyone in P6 for a fantastic and entertaining show! I am very proud of how hard you worked to master your lines and stage directions!

December 1, 2018
by G Atkinson
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P6B Blog – 30.11.18

Summary of the last couple of weeks in P6B

Over the last few weeks we have been learning about natural disasters. We first researched the wildfires in California that are happening right now. We then wrote a piece on surviving the wildfires and applied our knowledge of words related to the five senses to create detailed descriptions. The firefighters are still fighting the fires so we wish them luck and we are thinking of those affected by this disaster. The next natural disaster we learnt was Earthquakes. To fully grasp why earthquakes happen we created our very own earth layers model, this helped us to understand the movement of tectonic plates. After earthquakes we studied tsunamis. Earthquakes under the water create waves in the ocean which can result in an tsunami. We are making powerpoints with a partner on the Boxing Day Tsunami which we will present to the class over the next few weeks. FACT: Did you know that the word tsunami is Japanese and it means harbour wave. Soon we are going to be making Volcanoes and conduct a science experiment. – Holly

In maths Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein have finished the decimals, fractions and percentages topics.We have been adding, subtracting, multiplying  and dividing decimals by multiples of 10, 100 and 1000s. Emmy Noether have been dividing whole numbers by 10s, 100s, 1000s resulting in either a whole number or a decimal number. Maria Agnesi have been learning about position and directions which has required them to use compass directions and angles. As a class we have been thinking of different strategies to use in mental maths. – Hashim

Here are some P6B achievements. Lucas has won 2 badminton tournaments and got into the Anglo-Scottish County Event Ren Team! Corinne got her first challenge badge at Cubs. The badminton team came 2nd in a tournament with Mr Weir. Alexander won a Rugby match against Stirling and Cameron won a football match! – Emily 

On Tuesday Ricky Munday visited our school to give us an inspirational talk about following our dreams. He told us that he had attempted to climb Mount Everest and initially failed. The second time he tried he was successful and raised around £7000. He also told us about going to Antarctica and what his job as a polar ambassador involved. After the presentation Mr Atkinson talked to us about how Ricky had a growth mindset and we discussed this further. – Rayyan

In R.M.E we are looking into the religion of Islam and the five pillars. – Farhan 

Mr Atkinson’s comment

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all the plastic bottle donations for the ECO Christmas tree. We have started building it and we are hoping to finish it over the next couple of weeks. Before the end of this term pupils have been asked to create a presentation on their chosen natural disaster, this can be delivered in any format. The weather has not been ideal recently but pupils should be encouraged to bring in the appropriate clothing for P.E.


November 11, 2018
by G Atkinson
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P6B Blog – 09.11.18

This week in PE with Mr Atkinson we have been working in groups of three to create a sequence of roles and balances which we will perform in front of the class at the next session. We have finished our Soft Ball lessons with Mr Judge and he has told us that we are now going to be moving onto Athletics next week.

We combined our reading and language lesson with our natural disasters topic by working in partners and studying a comprehension piece of text on tsunamis.

On Friday Mr Atkinson shared with us the importance of Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day. Armistice Day is commemorated every year on 11th of November to mark the armistice signed between the Allies of World War One and Germany. We also learnt that this year was particularly special as it was the hundredth anniversary of when WW1 came to an end. Mr Atkinson taught us about what the poppy represents and how they are created by veterans. We then learnt about Scotland’s involvement and contribution to the war’s effort. Afterwards we discussed the life a  teenager during this era and reflected on how their lifestyle would be very different from our own. We pondered how the rights of a child and some of the UNCRC articles may have been overlooked during this era. Finally, we investigated two Scottish war heroes who were awarded the Victoria Cross for their brave acts. During Mr Atkinson lesson and activities, Mrs Norman took groups out at a time to help finish the Remembrance display.


Below are photos of us sharing our learning! 


November 9, 2018
by C Norman
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P6a Exploding Volcanoes!

Creating our first volcano with the dough mix.

It has been a busy week in primary 6a. We have continued learning about natural disasters and this week our focus was on Volcanoes. Earlier in the week we created our own volcanoes using a salt dough mix. On Friday the excitement levels were rising as fast as lava as we started to experiment using a range of ingredients to make our volcanoes erupt. As a class we conducted the first experiment using the quantities recommended for the lesson before splitting in to our groups and altering the variables so that we could note any significant changes to the eruptions.

Getting our hands sticky!

Working as a team to create our volcano.

Mixing in the dough before we build it.

It was important to measure carefully.

This team worked well together.

It got sticky at times!

“How are we going to get this off?”

Watching the first eruption!

Ready for some experimenting.

In goes the vinegar…

A successful lava eruption!

This mixture worked well.

We could see this lava running slowly down the side of the volcano.

Adding the final ingredient.

Happy that their measures worked!

Too much or too little of some ingredients changed the outcome.


Team work goals!


November 8, 2018
by G Atkinson
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P6B Blog – 08.11.18

It has been a very busy week so far in P6B! All the maths groups have now set up their own Google Classroom where Mr Atkinson allocates interactive maths based games to reinforce our learning and understanding. This has been really fun because it is challenging us to apply our learning in a different way. We also use it to communicate with our peers and Mr Atkinson sometimes gives us questions for us to feedback on.

This week we have been writing about fireworks because Bonfire Night was this week! As part of our talk homework we were asked to think about what vocabulary, openers, connectives, punctuation and senses that we could include in our writing. Mr Atkinson also had us compare and create a list of exciting verbs and adjectives to upskill our writing and bring it to life.

Before starting our Natural Disaster topic we had to finish our final two science lessons on forces. One of the experiments involved dropping two balls of different sizes and weights at the same time. Someone else in our group would record the results and another person would tell the group which ball landed first. We all discovered that balls of different weights still hit the floor at the same time due to gravity. In the second experiment we recreated air resistance by using a hairdryer, we then put objects with different surface areas on top of the hairdryer. We learnt that objects with different surface areas land at various times due to air resistance. Our science lesson on Wednesday was all about exploring magnetism. We had to use magnets to identify and record magnetic and non-magnet objects as well as investigate the terms repel and attract.


Mr Atkinson comments

P6B have been enjoying using Google Classroom to consolidate their learning in maths. We have also spent some time discussing and reviewing the importance of Getting It Right For Every Child and the SHANARRI indicators. The class have also started to use the ‘Growth Mindset Mountain’ which encourages them to reflect on times when they persevered with a challenging task. I hope everyone enjoyed Halloween and Bonfire night!



October 28, 2018
by G Atkinson
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P6B Blog – 26.10.18




Welcome back to the P6B blog!

We started the week by creating our very own superhero based stories. First we had to draw our heroes and describe their costumes and powers. Afterwards we created a plot which was about our superhero solving a problem that their archenemy had created!

Following our writing session we then separated into our reading groups to review our current books. We were investigating key story elements such as characterization, settings, themes, problems and resolutions. To record all this information we created spider-diagrams which we had to then share with Mr Atkinson and the rest of the class.

This week we started using Google Classroom to help record what natural disaster we would like to learn in an excel spreadsheet. We are going to start using Google classroom in maths, writing, reading and social studies.

We also had took part in the Strictly for Kids fundraising session. Our instructor taught us dance routine which was difficult at first but we all really enjoyed it – even Mr Atkinson and Mrs Norman joined in!

On Friday during our Health and Wellbeing session we discussed what are the traits of a good friend and we linked it to our school values. Next we spoke about what feelings we might experience during a natural disaster to help us with our upcoming writing on living through a natural disaster.

Mr Atkinson’s comment

It was a busy first week for all of P6B! We have all moved onto new topics in our maths and making excellent progress in our reading books. Well done to everyone for their participation in the Strictly for Kids fundraising session. Over the course of next week I will be announcing the ECO community.

October 26, 2018
by C Norman
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Welcome to the new term!

Primary 6a arrived back in school this week ready for the new term. It has been a busy week filled with literacy, numeracy, technologies, science and even dance!

We have been introduced to our new social studies and science topic which we are all very excited about. Mrs Norman is very impressed with all the ideas and prior knowledge learners are able to bring to the topic. We have discussed the different areas of natural disasters that we would like to investigate so we are starting with the structure of the Earth to help us understand the reasons why natural disasters happen. We are looking forward to lots of practical experiences during our learning so keep an eye on our blog for pictures over the next few weeks.

We have been introduced to Google Classroom where learning experiences can be shared. At the beginning we discussed the importance of being responsible users. Some pupils have already taken the opportunity to type up notes about their non-fiction texts at home.

On Tuesday we had a visit from a dance teacher named Clare who taught us a dance as part of the Strictly for Kids fundraising. We all enjoyed learning the moves and put in a lot of effort, Mrs Norman was impressed with how well we participated.

Look out next week for a full round up on our learning so far.

October 20, 2018
by G Atkinson
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P6B Blog – 11.09.18


Over the past few weeks we have been continuing to learn about the Victorians. We have been using our ICT period to create fact files based on important Victorian individuals which we then shared with Mr Atkinson and the class. Mr Atkinson showed us a clip from Oliver Twist which we had to recreate and adapt to change the ending. Our last lesson involved researching different Victorian building designs and engineering achievements. We were then set the challenge to design and test bridges based on the Forth Bridge and London Bridge. To finish off the topic all of P6 visited the Summerlee Heritage Museum where we had a chance to play with Victorian toys, dress as Victorian children, travel on a tram (Victorian mode of transport) and explore a mine (it was scary to think that Victorian children worked in these awful conditions)! It again made us consider how some of the rights of a child; such as access to education, freedom to play and to be properly looked after were not always being met during this era.

In Science we have started to learn about different forces by conducting experiments. This has involved us creating methods, identifying the correct equipment, making hypotheses and then reviewing the outcomes.

In P.E. we have finished our football and basketball sessions, which has helped us develop our coordination, communication, targeting and spacial awareness skills. When we come back from the holidays we are going to start gymnastics!

Mr Atkinson’s comment

Well done to everyone in P6B for working so hard over this term! Our school trip to Summerlee Heritage Museum was excellent and it helped bring our learning to life! It was great meeting all the parents and guardians at parents night this week. Next session we will be continuing with investigating different forces in science and learning about natural disasters. Lets keep working hard and demonstrating the schools values in the playground and in the classroom. Enjoy the holidays!


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