Comics have been reading Holes and are almost at the end of it and they are enjoying it. Their next book is Spain and the Spanish.

Magazines are going to go onto a new book but we don’t know what it’ll be yet…mystery! Plus we can still read Jenkins Ear, we are going to move on to non-fiction!

Newspapers have just finished The Dancing Bear, it sounds really funny, but Bruno the bear dies at the end so the ending was sad.

Novels have finished Greyfrairs Bobby, if you go to Edinburgh you will see the statue of Bobby and you can go and see his grave.

Pythagoras have been learning about volume and how to calculate the volume of composite shapes.

Euler have been learning how to round decimals.

Turing have been doing DMAS. DMAS stands for division, multiplication, addition and subtraction.

Newton was making a fortune teller and playing with the fortune teller to learn their times tables.