In language this week we were developing our skills in creating and answering questions. We had to create Right There questions using our guided readers. We had to use “who, what where or when” at the start of our questions to help us. We also had to make sure we were using the correct punctuation. We have also been reading texts and then answering some tricky Think and search questions. We had to read between the lines and use clues like a detective.


Star Lords have met the angles family this week. There are acute angles, right angles, obtuse angles and reflex angles. We were also measuring using a protractor. This was pretty hard because we had to be so accurate!

The Dragon Mages have continued our skills with number and problem solving with Miss Shaw this week. We have also been learning to tell quarter to and quarter past times and matching the digital and analogue times. We still need a tiny bit more practice with this.

The potion masters were revising all their multiplication tables and developing their skills in multiplying 2 digit numbers by a single digit. We also revised fractions with Mrs Nisbet. A few of us were a wee bit rusty but we remembered it all by the end.

We started our new science topic on plants. We made a model of a flowering plant including the stem, the leaves, the flower and the roots. They look lovely!



Star Lords have been continued developing their skills in calculating area and perimeter by solving different problems. We also had a wee reminder on how to create symmetrical shapes. Thankfully we all remembered!

Dragon Mages have been working hard to develop their problem solving skills with Miss Shaw. We were concentrating on finding lots of different ways to solve the problems such as counting up, counting down, using tens and units or using our fingers.  We have to then explain how we have solved the problem and we are all getting much better at it.

Potion Masters continued to develop their skills with using a calendar. This time we had to answer question by reading calendars. Some of us are still finding this a little bit tricky, but we will continue to practice through homework.

In language we all attempted to write a scary story. We had to include our feelings, use our senses to describe in order to help the reader get a picture in their mind. We also learned what suspense is and tried to include that in our writing too.

In R.E. we have been learning about Shabbat which is the Jewish day of rest.  Traditionaly the family come together before the sun has set and they light a candle that you keep lit until it burns out. The family share a meal together and say a prayer.



The Star Lords have been learning how to calculate the perimeter of shapes. We have also learned how to calculate the area of squares and rectangles using the formula A=lxb. We have found this a little bit tricky and will need a some more practice next week.

The Potion Masters have been learning about calanders, what they look like and how we use them. We have even started making our own! We have had a good week in maths this week.

The Dragon Mages have been learning about time. We reminded ourselves how to tell o’clock and half past times. We have also been practising our problem solving skills with Miss Shaw. We are not allowed to write out a calculation and we have to find a different way to work them out. We are really enjoying the challenge.

During language we analysed scary stories and looked for interesting words to use in our own writing. We found that scary stories include character’s thoughts and feelings and  use a variety of adjectives. We will need to remember to include this in our own stories next week.

We also began to read with Primary 7. We had to read to each other and then we were to complete different activities to show our understanding. Some of our favourite activities were story tig, drawing our favourite character, drawing the setting and making questions for each other to answer. We also found some new and interesting words in these books too!

In art we have been practising our painting skills. We had to use different shades of the same colour to make our background. We then added a fence in the foreground and a tree and a house in the middle ground. We have really enjoyed creating our pictures and hope you are looking forward to seeing them on parents night!

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The Potion Masters have been learning how to give and follow directions. We had to give directions for our partner to follow using a map of our classroom.

The Dragon Mages have been measuring weight using two pan scales. We found out how much was in a kilogram. It was heavy!

The Star Lords have also been finding out the weight of different items. We were even beginning to read different scales and solve problems relating to weight!


We had to write the next part of a story written by Dick King Smith. We found this a wee bit tricky but are looking forward to practicing these skills some more! We also practiced our clarifying skills using our guided reader. We had to read on, read back, read around and use the pictures as clues to try and find the meaning of unknown words.

During our Rainforest topic we had quite a heated debate about deforestation. One side had to argue for cutting down the rainforests and the other against! We had to write down our main arguments and then be prepaired to respond to other people’s. It was a great afternoon!