Our week 28.4.17

On Tuesday we had great fun during our Google expedition session. We got to wear 3D virtual reality goggles and see some amazing animals. We learned about Ambush bugs which use camouflage to hide from their prey. They can catch wasps and bees which are much bigger than them. We also got see lots of different types of sharks, that was really cool.

We are enjoying getting outside on our bikes and learning new skills. This week we were learning how to start safely and we practised turning left and right. We also learned how to overtake safely.


In language we are coming to the end of our class novels. We are going to use our summarising skills to review our books before we move on to the next ones.

We have been playing Kung Fu punctuation to remind ourselves of all the punctuation that we know. Ha! Shi!

In maths we have been reviewing our learning from last term so that we can think about our targets for this term.

The Octagons are developing their multiplication skills and have enjoyed playing games such as Noughts and Crosses.

The Rectangles are going to use their decimal knowledge to convert measurements in length . They have been using measuring tapes to measure lots of parts of their body!

The Circles have been learning about the order of operations by using the formula BODMAS. This has been quite challenging!


Happy Holidays!

We had a bit of a delay in getting these photos uploaded but here, finally, are some pictures of our Science workshop which was all about renewable energy. We had great fun learning about all different types of renewable energy and how they are produced.


This week we have been focusing on our Fairtrade topic. We have used what we know so far about Fairtrade to create a Fairtrade leaflet during language time.

At the Daffodil Tea event we set up a Fairtrade stall with all the products which were kindly donated by Sainsburys and Co Op. We used our Fairtrade leaflets to teach people about Fairtrade and the benefits of buying Fairtrade. We managed to raise £42 which we will donate to the Fairtrade foundation.

We wish everyone a very Happy Holiday. See you next term!!

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P6 Blog 10/3/2017

The P6  Blog


This week we decided to take our learning outside. Luckily we chose the best day of the week and the sun was shining!


The Circles were investigating the relationship between radius, diameter and circumference. They worked in groups, measuring the radius, diameter and circumference of a variety of circle sizes using chalk; string and measuring tapes!

So what did they find out????

Miles-We have figured out the formula! The circumference of a circle is roughly 3 times the size of the diameter. As an extra challenge Miss Harris told us about Pi and the formula C=Pi x D. Pi is 3.14.  We are now doing more research on Pi and making posters for the classroom wall. We had fun outside doing maths.


The rectangles have been learning about angles. This week we learned about the 8 points of the compass and the angles between them. Outside we drew the compass points with chalk and had to figure out how many degrees we had to turn to get from one point to another.

Ayaan-We have learnt to draw compasses and names of the points of the compass and angles it was fun outside.


The Octagons have been drawing 3D shapes and counting the vertices, faces and edges. They went outside and did a 3D shape hunt, naming the shape and all its properties. They then joined the rectangles, helping them with their compass points.

Callum-  We had lots of fun.

In PE we have been using our bodies to do creative dance. We have been experimenting with lots of different movements and putting them together with a partner to make a creative dance routine. Some of the routines have been highly energetic!

Mr Crockett, our music specialist, came in this week. We learned a new song in the Scots language, Gaelic. The words were quite difficult to learn but it was a beautiful song.

In language we have been focusing on reading our class readers – Friend or Foe, The Shrimp and Dark Secrets. We have been extending our understanding of question types and continuing to learn the difference between fact and opinion.


3rd of March 2017 P6 blog

This week has been a very exciting week in p6 we got 2 new pupils.



Harris: I found the Fibonacci patterns interesting and I enjoy working on number patterns.


Kian: we are learning about decimals and we enjoy learning it by making it into games


Kayla: we are learning about 3D Shapes and we have been learning names, revising and experimenting with them.


MATILDAS we been reading more of our guided reader and doing comprehension  about fact or opinion


FOXES  have been doing a new booklet called the Channel Tunnel and been reading the shrimp.






















P6 Blog 24.2.2017

This week P6 have been doing a lot of work on the Victorians. We have been presenting our presentations on Victorian inventions. We’ve had from ice-cream and Easter-eggs to the Penny-Farthing bicycle and the telephone!

In Maths the Circles have been doing work on scale and ratio. We did some work on a map of Glasgow and now we’re designing our own theme-park.

Harris- I found this very fun and interesting because I like designing.

The Rectangles have been extending their learning in decimals as well as starting a new topic on angles.

The Octagons have been doing 3D shapes with Mrs Halliday. We had to name the 3D shape and build a rocket.

Callum- I enjoyed building the rocket with lots of 3D shapes.

In Language the whole class have been doing Fact or Opinion. We wrote some facts and opinions about different subjects. One was about a music group so most of the boys made fun of One Direction!

Owen- I really enjoyed doing fact or opinion sheets


p6 blog


Matildas – Through our class reader we have been learning to find out the meaning of words without reaching for a dictionary.

BFG- BFG have got a new guided reading book called the Dark Secrets. We have been predicting what it will be about.

Foxes- We have continued to read our class reader, The Shrimp, and we have been practising our spelling words by playing the look say cover game.


All of the groups had fun when we took the learning outdoors this week.

Circles- We have been working on length by converting units of measure from cm to metre. When we were outside we used our estimation skills to guess how far the Olympic record for the long jump is, then checked our estimation by measuring.

Rectangles- We have started a new maths topic – decimals. We raced against each other outside to see who could win the fractions game.

Octagons- We have been learning about pictograms and Venn diagrams and we used materials we found outside to make outdoor Venn diagrams.


Mr Crockett came in this week and we were learning about notes on the stave.


We have been learning about the internal structure of the earth.

Our Exciting Week In P6- 27/1/17


This Week in P6 we have been working to extreme levels to make the show a success. On the 25th of January was our fabulous Scottish open afternoon, it was a huge success the next step to Hollywood and Broadway! :).

Here are some of the words used by parents/children: Epic, Funny, Scottish, Musical and Talented.

We were nervous and excited but we were great on the day.


Monday 30th January



Callum: It was easy, they’re bar graphs with pictures and the pictures can represent any numbers, for example a picture of a bus can represent 5.


Emily: We done a TJ (workbook)  page, it was hard, after the workbook we played with straws and the polydron and made houses and measured the straws.


Neel: we were doing a workbook page about measurement in meters and centimetres and were measuring our arm span and comparing it with bird wingspan.

Language (spelling)


Ayaan: we read the shrimp and we wrote ou and ow words on the board.


Emily P.S: we were learning about the pattern en and on sound and there were lots of interesting words and fun activity’s, it was easy in parts and some tricky.


Erin: it was easy, we done a workbook page on homophones and thought of our own. For example where and wear, Rain, Rein and Reign.



Shriyans: We finished decorating our mendi designs on our hands to use them as bookmarks.


Hiraa: in P.E we done running and done some races and played a game of hospital tig.

We are getting ready for our parents night next week by sorting are trays and getting our jotters ready for home.

BLOG BY: Erin Ashley & Miya McGregor 🙂


This week we were mostly practising songs and performances for our P6 Scottish Open Afternoon. We cant wait to present it on Wednesday!

Today we had a fantastic time at the Science Centre and discovered the planetarium to see stars planets and much more. Our favourite parts were trying to solve the impossible and mind-bending puzzles…

Photos to follow!


13th January P6 Blog

This week has been amazing in P6.

Language – In language we have been making fact files on the life of Queen Victoria, along with our reviews on our learning which we will talk about later.

Maths – In Maths the Circles have been designing juice cartons that are supposed to hold exactly 330ml.They had to work out dimensions to do this along with their maths review. The Rectangles have been working on fractions and word problems along with their reviews. Finally the octagon’s have been doing sequences from smallest to biggest along with their reviews.

Reviews – As you may know, we have been doing reviews of our learning so Miss Harris and Mrs Slorach can see where we are with our learning. We did them in Maths and Spelling.

Kayla’s sign language lessons!! – we have recently restarted Kayla’s sign language lessons! we have learned  hello, goodbye , manners , and lots more!!
















Happy New Year!

It’s been a short week so not too much to report but we have enjoyed coming back to our new classroom and sharing our stories from the holidays. We made posters which featured our holiday highlights and thought about our new year resolutions. Lots of interesting goals ahead for 2017!

We have also been sharing our findings from our group research on a variety of aspects of our Victorian topic. We shared our facts with the class – there was some fun amateur dramatics involved! We look forward to learning more about this important era.

We have been developing our skills in expressing our opinions by discussing and writing about the topical science issue – “Should we eat more bugs?” Most people understand the arguments for but still think it all sounds a bit disgusting!!