Draft Code of Conduct

Carolside Primary School

Parent Council – Code of Conduct

Original Document Published 18 February 2008


1.0 Introduction

1.1 The aim of this Code of Conduct is to ensure that the Parent Council members are clear about the expectations, obligations and duties placed on their conduct in their role as Carolside Primary School Parent Council members.

1.2 In particular the purpose of this Code of Conduct is to ensure the highest standards of integrity in the Parent Council, and to help members of the Parent Council, to exercise their roles effectively.

1.3 The Code of Conduct is also designed to allow any party who has contact with the Parent Council a clear understanding of the standards required by Parent Council members. These include parents, teachers, members of the wider community, Councillors and other East Renfrewshire Council officers and officials.

2.0 References

2.1 There are a number of references which form an integral part of this Code of Conduct:

i) The Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006.

ii) The Carolside Primary School Parent Council Constitution

iii) The Carolside Primary School Parent Council Charter [still to be drafted]

2.2 Parent Council Members will be given a copy of all of the above documents to ensure they are clear about the requirements thereof.

2.5 This Code of Conduct is designed to help the Parent Council fulfil the aims and objectives of the Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006.

3.0 Parent Council Members’ Obligations

3.1 Parent Council Members must:

i) Always act in a way which maintains and protects the ethos of Carolside Primary School.

ii) Contribute constructively to Parent Council and any associated sub-group discussions and decisions.

iii) Ensure that any actions or decisions they take as a Parent Council Member can be justified to the Parent Council, the Parent Forum, and the wider community and are taken in an open and accountable manner.

iv) Where required treat all issues in an open manner unless deemed confidential.

v) Disclose any personal interest in an issue under discussion before the discussion takes place and not participate in the discussion. If Parent Council Members have information pertinent to an issue which they feel is relevant, this should be raised with the Chairman and if so required presented in a confidential manner.

vi) Make sure neither they nor their children receive any special treatment or gain from their position on the Parent Council.

vii) Abide by the Constitution of the Parent Council and the Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006 and any related or relevant legislation, regulations or policies.

viii) Respect and adhere to the decisions taken by the Parent Council.

ix) Where a member has issue with any decisions of the Parent Council, these should be addressed during the first available Parent Council meeting.

x) Represent the Parent Council, the Parent Forum and the school positively.

xi) Attend relevant training sessions and events.

4.0 Parent Council Members’ Restrictions

4.1 In keeping with the requirements and expectations as set out in the previous section, Parent Council Members must not abuse their position for personal gain or advantage, or advance the interests of their children through membership of the Parent Council counter to those of the wider pupil population. Specifically they must not:

i) Ask for matters relating to their children to be dealt with at Parent Council or any associated sub-group meetings.

ii) Accept gifts or hospitality.

v) Use school facilities, for example telephone, stationery or secretarial services for personal business without permission and/or reimbursing the school.

5.0 Personal Interest

5.1 Each Parent Council member is expected to:

i) Declare any conflict of interest that might influence judgement or give the impression that you are acting for personal motives. If the interest is one of conflict, and which is substantial, you should offer, or be invited by the Chair, to withdraw from the meeting. Where a vote is called for, you should not vote on the matter. If there are frequent conflicts of interest, you should consider resigning. The Parent Council will record any conflict of interest in the minutes of meetings at which such conflict is raised.

ii) Actively avoid situations that could cause suspicion or improper conduct.

6.0 Personal Considerations

6.1 Parent Council Members must act in the best interests of the school and must ensure that their views are put forward for the benefit of the work of the Parent Council in support of whole school issues irrespective of any interest group or constituency they may represent.

6.2 Parent Council Members shall not speak or otherwise liaise with the Press or other media representatives without the prior approval of the Parent Council and in consultation with the Headteacher.

7.0 New Parent Council Members

7.1 The Parent Council will ensure that all new Parent Council Members receive a copy of, or provided with access to, the documents set out in section 2.1, above.

7.2 There is a clear commitment to all Parent Council members that they will be supported, through induction, information, support and training, to assist them to exercise their role and responsibilities as Parent Council Members.

8.0 Complaints

8.1 In the event of any complaint about the conduct of any individual Parent Council Member, whether raised by another Parent Council Member or a member of the Parent Forum or the wider community, the matter will be dealt with confidentially, impartially and in accordance with section 15 of the Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006

9.0 Review of this Code of Conduct

9.1 This Code of Conduct will be reviewed at least annually and amended if considered necessary by the Parent Council.

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