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Christmas Show – Photographs and Videos

There are still a limited number of tickets for Thursday evening’s performance.  These can be collected from the school office.  Some tickets for Friday afternoon at 1.30pm are also available.

We understand that taking photographs at school events is an important part of capturing memories of significant events in your child’s life however we also have to ensure that all of our children are kept safe.  As it is now so easy to distribute or post  images of children online and  digital cameras produce high quality images it is so important that when you attend any events in the school you take full account of the guidance below from East Renfrewshire Council.

Photographing children and young people – East Renfrewshire’s Guide for Parents and Carers

Legal issues
The photographing of school pupils may, depending on the particular context, be subject to the Data Protection Act 1998 regarding the rights of individuals to have information of a personal nature treated in an appropriate manner and the Human Rights Act 1998, protecting the privacy of individuals and families. As well as these statutory provisions, restrictions on photography arise from issues of child protection and copyright in performances.

Photographs should not allow children’s identity or location to be discovered. This is particularly important in ensuring that children in vulnerable circumstances: who
are looked after, affected by child protection concerns or for other legal reasons, are safeguarded

The key points are

  • We must seek permission from parents to allow photographs to be taken – this is done in August each year.
  • Anyone taking photos at a school event must have a good reason for doing so – parent, guardian, family member or friend who is attending the event. Photos should be of their child and for personal use only.  If photographs are taken that include other children these must not be posted online or shared with other people.
  • No event involving musical productions may be recorded – this includes video recording, (even recording one song or short section of a show is not permitted) or audio recordings of songs.

Big Green Adventure

Many thanks to all of the parents and friends of Carlibar who supported our recent show.  The whole school worked together as a fantastic team to give important messages about caring for our environment.  The children had really good fun making costumes, props, learning their eco songs and thinking about the steps they can take to help reduce waste and save energy.

Special thanks to our Friday parent group, supported by Mrs Carr, who helped out with scenery and some costumes/props.