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8th June – Children’s Art Week and World Oceans Week

In your home learning pack – mindfulness colouring (ocean theme). Create your own mindfulness colouring sheet for someone else in your family to colour in, remember to add in lots of detail.

https://www.dltk-kids.com/animals/m-plate-seahorse.htm – link to a colour changing seahorse activity you can use crayons or pens –not just paints.  fasteners in your pack. You can make any ocean creature using this technique.


Lots of ideas for simple ocean crafts (or create your own ocean creature from recycled cardboard and plastic)
Create a tweet that would encourage people to care for the oceans and not pollute them.
Use an empty box and create your own under the ocean scene (diorama) https://www.3dgeography.co.uk/ocean-diorama

Share your learning on Google classroom or Twitter @CarlibarPS


1st June – Garden Wildlife Week starts

Remember safe distance when you are out on your daily exercise.

Get outside – go on a bug hunt, watch out for butterflies, birds, bees, squirrels, hedgehogs.

Put out food and water for birds.

Learn about the names of the creatures that live around us and identify some of them. Y

ou don’t need to print these – just open up the PDF on your phone or device to help you identify. There are also lots of nature ID apps available – just check that they are for UK wildlife.


26th May – Paper Aeroplane Day

Additional ACTIVITY SHEET IN YOUR PACK – O wing glider instructions
More info for parents about O wings

Have fun today making different aeroplanes, investigate different types of paper and card, use old bits of wallpaper, card from food packets etc. In your pack you have some paper and card/paperclips. Sometimes you need to think about the nose weight – use paper clips , bluetac or plasticine to add weight to the nose.

REMEMBER safety when you fly them – don’t fly towards others. See which plane flies the furthest, straightest etc. This weblink gives step by step instructions to make lots of different types of planes at varying difficulty levels


Share on Google Classroom or parents can share on Twitter @CarlibarPS    #carlibarSTEM

23rd May – World Turtle Day

There are lots of great craft  ideas online with a turtle theme.

Use your creativity to come up with your own ideas.
Use empty food and drink containers to make turtles – lots of ideas online to get you started

National Geographic for kids has some amazing facts about turtles
Make your own quiz about turtles


How many different types of turtle can you name?

Find out  which country or countries they live in.

Look for videos online of mass turtle hatchings on beaches – they are amazing.

11th May – Water Saving Week starts

Go round the house and identify all of the ways you use water in your house.

Try using Scottish Water’s online calculator to work out how much water you actually use in total.

The Scottish Water website has a section especially for children to teach them about water and also has games to play. https://www.scottishwater.co.uk/help-and-resources/education

Turn on a tap in the house then turn it off but not fully, leave it to drip very, very slowly. Get a timer and see how much water is collected from the dripping tap in a glass or mug in one minute. If you had a dripping tap for one full day it would waste 1440 times that amount of water!!! Make a sign to put beside your taps to remind everyone to switch them off properly.

Make your own rain gauge and collect rainfall. Reuse rain to water plants. Join in with Sean Batty – STV Weather Mini Meteorologist Challenge for children.  @SeanBattySTV   #MiniMetTeam
Learn about the water cycle, freezing, evaporation and melting

STEM FAIR AT BARRHEAD HIGH – PRIMARY 6 and 7pupils and parents invited

The P6 – S3 STEM Fair will take place next Thursday, 12th March from 6pm until 8.30pm at Barrhead High. All P6-S3 students will receive a presentation on the upcoming STEM Fair and are encouraged to attend and find out more about STEM careers and learning.

Please note: Students must be accompanied by an adult



We have organised for a wide range of STEM companies and professionals to attend the school inlcuding Rolls Royce, NHS, Institute of Civil Engineering and local universities. Students will be able to quiz the engineers and scientists on what their jobs entail, and get involved with the experiments/equipment they bring along.

You can sign up for sessions that you are interested in when you arrive on the night.

We look forward to welcoming you all next week.

Stuart Boag

PT Development (STEM)

Barrhead High School

Zoo Lab Visit

Primaries 2 and 3 were treated to a visit from Zoo Lab earlier this week.  The children had the opportunity to learn about a range of animals and how they use their senses.  These hands on workshops were great fun for all of the children and gave them the opportunity to see and handle creatures that they may never have seen before.

Many thanks to Specsavers, Barrhead as they paid for two of the workshops for us.


Science Fun at Carlibar

This week and next week our focus for learning is science.   We have a number of workshops and shows taking place in Carlibar. There is also a shared family learning challenge sheet that has been sent home with a range of science topics for you to choose from.  There will be certificates for everyone taking part and mystery prizes available.

On Tuesday 24th March we have Think Science delivering a workshop on electricity for primary one children and all family centre children will be able to visit the inflatable planetarium to learn more about space.

Thursday 26th March Generation Science are visiting and will deliver the following activites


A fascinating mix of sound, music and the science of noise. In this highly interactive show pupils will investigate the principles of sound; from how a simple noise is made to modern digital music technology. See music come to life in front of your very eyes, and create your own recording with the class!

Friday 27th March Generation Science are visiting and will deliver the following activites


Forces, movement and motion are investigated by our popular teddy bear team in a series of fun and engaging activities for all the class. Our inquisitive bears reveal the principles of gravity, friction and movement demonstrated through challenges that connect science concepts to the real world.


Pupils will discover the secrets of electricity first-hand in this stimulating interactive workshop.
Pupils explore what electricity is, how it can be stored and even create some themselves using our specially designed hand generators.

In this engaging hands-on workshop our storytellers introduce concepts such as magnetic attraction and repulsion, fields and poles. Interactive supported play
allows pupils to explore magnetic forces first hand as they learn about the effects they have on the world around us – like the amazing Northern Lights.


Monday 30th March Think Science will visit again and carry out workshops exploring electricity and building circuits with Primaries 5 and 6.

Tuesday 31st March we will have an assembly for pupils where each class can share their learning.




Solar Eclipse

eclipseThis week the children have been learning all about solar eclipses and why they happen.

Some classes have been looking at a range of artists’ work that feature the sun and eclipses.  They have created their own masterpieces.

Classes have been creating poetry linked to the eclipse with some classes hoping to submit entries to the Edinburgh Science festival’s Sci-Ku poetry competition.

eclipse cloudSome children made safe sun viewers and tested these on Thursday with the Primary 4 class, however it was too cloudy to get good images on the actual day of the eclipse.

We had the televisions set up in the dining hall to show the Star Gazing live broadcast.  The children were amazed to watch the total eclipse and at the same time see how dark it got outside.  As it was so cloudy the children were able to go outside and experience how cold it became during the eclipse and they also noticed that it got windier.  Primary 7 children measured air temperature and wind speed during the eclipse, this was part of a National Science event.  We also had some solar glasses and when we had gaps in the cloud some children were able to use these to view the eclipse.

solar flowerAll classes have been using solar powered toys to monitor the amount of energy reaching us from the sun at different times of the day.solar toys



The family centre children took part in Sean Batty’s live eclipse event and are really looking forward to their visit from Jon Davis (Think Science) next week when he brings along an inflatable planetarium to Carlibar for the day.

Big School’s Birdwatch

 Carlibar will be taking part in the Big Schools’ Birdwatch again this year.

 The Birdwatch takes just one hour, and can be carried out at any point between 5 January and 13 February 2015 – that’s the entire first half of the spring term. Every school or group that submits their results before the 20 February will be sent a certificate and free personalised minibeast poster as a thank you for taking part.

By taking part we will be providing  information  on how well some of our most familiar birds are faring, as well as helping to encourage more birds into the school grounds.

You can join in at home.  Visit https://www.rspb.org.uk/birdwatch/ for more information. 

 All you need to do is spend an hour of your choice counting the birds in your garden over the weekend of the 24th to 25th of January. It’s that simple!

Dams to Darnley

Children from Primaries 5, 5/6 and 6 visited Dams to Darnley Country Park today.  They found out about the geology of the local area from Joe the Countryside Ranger.  They also found out about the limestone,coal and fireclay mines that used to be there.  They will be visiting Dynamic Earth on Thursday 12th June to find out more about Planet Earth.

Find out more about the Scottish Geologist James Hutton by watching this animation or playing a game.