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Thank you so much to everyone who supported our recent fundraiser.   We have raised a fantastic £631.91 for the Beatson.  the final total will be slightly higher than this as there was a sealed collecting can that was being used at the table selling wristbands and stickers.  We will let you know when the Beatson tell us how much was in the tub.  Mrs Macintyre collected the cheque from Primary 7 pupils on Thursday night.  She was very touched by the generosity of the Carlibar community and she will give the cheque personally to the charity.

Our stalls also raised an additional £495 for the school fund.  This money goes towards  a wide range of items for the children.  The school fund is also used to subsidise the cost of school visits for classes, special events throughout they year eg parties and prizes, awards and purchases for golden time activities, baking etc.


Thank you so much for all of your donations and support on the day.

We are hoping that we will feature in the Barrhead News as the photographer visited on the day.

Science week

We have had another really successful science week at Carlibar.  The children enjoyed a range of interactive workshops and activities throughout the week.





Generation Science, the outreach service from the Edinburgh Science Festival taught Primary 2 children about forces in the Ready, Teddy, Go workshop featuring two bears called Isaac and Newton.

Primaries 3, 4 and the bronze room learned about simple chemical reactions by taking part in Get Fizzy workshops.  Primary 6 investigated chemical reactions and tested the PH of different solutions in the Fizz, Bang, Pop workshops..

Jon Davis from Think Science entertained the children in Primary 5 and Primary 7 with his sound and waves workshops and helped them to learn about how sound is produced. Primary 1 children loved finding out more about different types of weather including how clouds are formed and that lightning is an electrical charge.

We are Eco-friendly

Costume Design Day – Tuesday 13th March 2013

Primaries One to Three had a very busy day yesterday making their costumes for the school show out of junk packaging.  Lots of mess and lots of FUN! Thank you to all of the parents who sent in items to be used by the children.

Continuing with the Eco Theme … All of the stage backgrounds and props for our school show are  made out of cardboard boxes from items that have been delivered to the school or from other items that we already had in school.

Another Successful Sports Day at Carlibar – June 2012

All of the children thoroughly enjoyed their day.

Many thanks to Mr Moffat for organising the event and to all of the parents who came along to cheer on our competitors.

The children worked hard throughout the events to earn points for their house.  The winning house for this year was Fereneze  who have taken the Carlibar House Trophy fromthe 2011/2012 winners – Craigie.

It was  a very close competition this year with only 35 points between the top two teams.

Congratulations to everyone who took part.

Carlibar Torch Parade

Children from P1 to P7 participated in a walk around Barrhead with their torches and banners. All classes researched a country and learned about about one of the Olympic or Paralympic values.  Each class then made a short presentation at our special assembly at the end of the day.  Primary 3 recorded a special message to send to Auchenback Primary School who were the next school to get a visit from the torch.