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Primary 7 – Leaver’s Celebrations 20th June 2014

Dear Parents,

This has been such a quick year.  I can’t believe that we are in the final few weeks of term already.  Preparations are well underway for the Leavers’ Celebrations. To make sure that the evening goes to plan please make sure that your child arrives at school on time.

Children and parents should arrive at the main school entrance for 6.20pm.  The piper will then lead the children into the hall followed by the adults.  We aim to start the Awards Ceremony at 6.30pm.  If we have consent from all parents to film their child during the evening, we will make up a DVD and give this to every child as a reminder of their time at Carlibar.  Please complete the consent slip and return to school as soon as possible. 

After the awards ceremony children will go out for a short drive in the limo.  The first group will leave school at 7.10pm, the second group at 7.30pm and the third group at 7.50pm.  The parent room upstairs will be open for any parents wanting to wait to see their child leave/return in the limo.  We will take photographs of groups and individuals while the limo runs are taking place.  Your child will find out which limo they are in the week before.

When children return from the limo ride they will have a buffet and disco.  Parents are invited into school at 9.15pm to join in the last dance and then take any photographs they wish to take of their child. The evening will end at 9.30pm.

We really need help to decorate the hall and set up the furniture.  If you can help out on Thursday 19th June from 2pm until 3pm or on Friday 20th from 1.30pm until 3pm please let me know.  The theme is “I’m a Celebrity” if you have any jungle themed soft toys or inflatables that you would be willing to let us borrow to use as props please send these into school with your child asap.

Mrs Carr’s parent group have been helping to make some props.  We still have quite a bit to do.  If you would like to help making some simple props please come into school on Friday 13th between 9am and 11am.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Fleming

Primary 7 are in the news

Primary 7 have been taking part in the BBC’s School Report event today.  They created a range of news articles and video reports during the course of the day.  Some Primary 7 reporters visited the site of the new ASDA store and their photograph has appeared on the BBC website. Scroll down the live news feed until you get to 15.41 to see the Carlibar image.   Click here to visit the BBC school report site.

Primary 7 Project – Help Needed

Primary 7 have started working on a new  project.  They are researching the history of the textile industry in the local area and they are investigating the science behind the production of fabrics and fibres and how these were dyed in the past and in modern times.  They have visited the site of the Darnley bleachfield which is now part of the dams to Darnley Country Park and have visited Barrhead Library to view their historical collections online.

Primary 7 would like your help.  Did you work in this industry or have any family members who did? Do you have any memories of the Levern Mill or photographs of its ruins.  We are interested in any items connected to the history of the mills, printworks, dyeworks, bleachfields. If you have any information that you would be willing to share with us please e-mail


Put Primary 7 – Textile Info as the subject of your email.

Thank you

Primary 7 transition to Barrhead High

Primary 7 children will be going to Barrhead High on Thursday 1st November for an 8.45am start.  Mrs Fleming, Mrs MacKay and Mrs Sweeney will wait inside the main gates to the school building for them.  This is the first of our transiton days.  Primary 7 pupils will have a letter with further information in their bags on Monday 22nd October.  Please return the consent form that will be with the letter.  This will cover all transition visits for your P7 child.

Click here for more information  on primary/ secondary transition.