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26th May – Paper Aeroplane Day

Additional ACTIVITY SHEET IN YOUR PACK – O wing glider instructions
More info for parents about O wings

Have fun today making different aeroplanes, investigate different types of paper and card, use old bits of wallpaper, card from food packets etc. In your pack you have some paper and card/paperclips. Sometimes you need to think about the nose weight – use paper clips , bluetac or plasticine to add weight to the nose.

REMEMBER safety when you fly them – don’t fly towards others. See which plane flies the furthest, straightest etc. This weblink gives step by step instructions to make lots of different types of planes at varying difficulty levels


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Today is 15th May – It’s Pizza Party Day

Some ideas to try on PIZZA PARTY DAY https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/collection/pizza
Why not have a go at making your own pizza or have a shop bought pizza for dinner.
Create your own pizza – invent a catchy name for your new pizza and the list of toppings that would be on it.

Design a box for your pizza, tis can be drawn on paper or use recycled cardboard to create a 3d box.

How much would you sell it for?

Create an advert for TV or social media to advertise your new pizza – film it on your phone.

Create a leaflet that can be delivered to homes advertising your new pizza  will you give a promotional price discount or voucher on your leaflet to get lots of sales?

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11th May – Water Saving Week starts

Go round the house and identify all of the ways you use water in your house.

Try using Scottish Water’s online calculator to work out how much water you actually use in total.

The Scottish Water website has a section especially for children to teach them about water and also has games to play. https://www.scottishwater.co.uk/help-and-resources/education

Turn on a tap in the house then turn it off but not fully, leave it to drip very, very slowly. Get a timer and see how much water is collected from the dripping tap in a glass or mug in one minute. If you had a dripping tap for one full day it would waste 1440 times that amount of water!!! Make a sign to put beside your taps to remind everyone to switch them off properly.

Make your own rain gauge and collect rainfall. Reuse rain to water plants. Join in with Sean Batty – STV Weather Mini Meteorologist Challenge for children.  @SeanBattySTV   #MiniMetTeam
Learn about the water cycle, freezing, evaporation and melting