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ACTIVE LEARN – Heinemann Active Maths

Here is a guide for parents about using Heinemann Active Maths – this is accessed via Active Learn which your children all have their log in details for.  Teachers will allocate activities suited for your child.  Please don’t worry if there are no activities uploaded for your child yet as the teachers are focusing on Google classroom just now and helping your children to learn how to use this.  We thought this information would be useful to you when we start to fully use this.  Literacy Planet is also accessed via Active Learn.

Sharing information during school closure

Dear parents/carers,
As you know these are exceptional times. We are moving towards different ways of learning and we are all learning about this together.  We are trying to have a range of channels of communication.
The School App, school website, Google Classrooms and Twitter will be updated and information shared with you on a regular basis.  The school website has a Learning at Home tab, this section is being developed to share more useful resources with you that can be done at any time.

As more and more people across the world are working from home and schools are closed the networks are exceptionally busy and at times may not cope with this.  Some sites may require a high speed connection in order to work and at times this will not be possible.

Unfortunately we have no control over this and can only do what we can online when networks/websites/live streams etc are available.

Please do not get stressed or worried if you have ICT issues, that is why we sent out packs of paper based work too and your children also need time just to play/ chill, do their own thing during the day.
There is no expectation that your child completes all of the work set by teachers online every day. Parents have to judge what is best for their child and arrange learning in a way that supports the needs of the family and everyone’s mental health.

Teachers are planning and setting work online but are also working on a rota basis in Carlibar with children of key workers.
When your child’s teacher is working in the hub they will not be available that day to answer any messages via the Google classroom and they could be called upon at short notice to cover. They can schedule work tasks so there will still be activities in the Google classroom that your child can do.
Teachers will put a message on Google Classroom to let you know if they are in the Hub.

Teachers will respond to questions about their work on your child’s Google classroom between 9am and 3pm. Please remind your child of the differences between making general comments on the tasks set by the teacher that the whole class can see and what should be a private message to their teacher.

Thank you all for your support during these challenging times.

Active Learn Help

Active Learn has a section on their website where you can check if your device is compatible. You don’t have to go in via Glow to get Active Learn.

This link will let you know if your device supports Active Learn. https://preprod.pearsonactivelearn.com/app/checkRequirements

Most other websites and apps will also have this facility.

Google Classrooms

Good morning, we are aware some of you found it difficult to get onto Google Classrooms if you have an Apple device.  You can access Google Classrooms via Apple.  The best way of doing this is through Google Chrome.  You can download this free from App Store.  You can also access it through Firefox but we would recommend Google Chrome as it is the best fit.

In the home learning packs you will find log ins for Glow, Sumdog, Literacy Planet and Active Learn.   When you log into Active Learn for the first time on a device, you will be asked for a school code.  Carlibar’s code is being sent to parents by the school app and teachers will also put it in their google classroom , please make sure there are no capital letters when you type the code.  The learning games teachers will be uploading state they are compatible with Android and IOS.  You can access active learn without going via Glow.