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Mental Health Week 1st to 7th February


The theme of this year’s Children’s Mental Health Week is

Express Yourself.

Expressing yourself is about finding ways to share feelings, thoughts, or ideas, through creativity. It is about finding a way to show who you are, and how you see the world, that can help you feel good about yourself. This is important all year round but we think right now we all need to remember that we need to take time out and to Give Emotions Time.

In the learning packs that you are collecting from school this week we have included a wellbeing grid and have given some resources for families linked to creating worry dolls and mindfulness colouring.  There is a paper copy of some art activity ideas from the Place2Be and a grid of other activities that your family may find useful.

The learning grid includes links for parents to East Renfrewshire Council’s Healthier Minds resource and also a Children’s First Guide from Emma our Wellbeing Support Worker.


11th May – Water Saving Week starts

Go round the house and identify all of the ways you use water in your house.

Try using Scottish Water’s online calculator to work out how much water you actually use in total.

The Scottish Water website has a section especially for children to teach them about water and also has games to play. https://www.scottishwater.co.uk/help-and-resources/education

Turn on a tap in the house then turn it off but not fully, leave it to drip very, very slowly. Get a timer and see how much water is collected from the dripping tap in a glass or mug in one minute. If you had a dripping tap for one full day it would waste 1440 times that amount of water!!! Make a sign to put beside your taps to remind everyone to switch them off properly.

Make your own rain gauge and collect rainfall. Reuse rain to water plants. Join in with Sean Batty – STV Weather Mini Meteorologist Challenge for children.  @SeanBattySTV   #MiniMetTeam
Learn about the water cycle, freezing, evaporation and melting

Family Learning Pack – Sun Awareness Day

4th May – Sun Awareness Week Additional ACTIVITY SHEETS IN YOUR PACK

In your pack you have some UV beads and string – put the beads onto the string and make a bracelet

that will change colour when exposed to ultra violet rays in sunlight.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hefhyXckVCQ&feature=emb_logo – Steve Spangler explains activities with beads for parents

http://www.sciencekidsathome.com/science_topics/sunlight_a.html – some more info to help you explain to your children.

Draw and colour a bright sun to put in your window for everyone to see. Wear yellow all day.

Design a poster encouraging people to put on suncream, wear a hat/sunglasses.

You could display

Term 4 Update – Remote Learning

Learning at Home Guidance for Parents and Carers (002)

We hope that you are all keeping well and are thinking about all of our families at this time.  The link above is a guide for you that we hope will give you useful information to support learning this term.  This will also be in the home learning section of the school website along with lots of other activities.  The booklet has links to take you directly to sections of the website or other helpful sites.  It will also be emailled directly to all families with more information.

Take care and stay safe


Science at Carlibar

Science Week 2015 is now in full swing across the classes in the school and CCC.

Parents will be able to see photographs of the experiences that children have had when they visit the school on Thursday 2nd April.

  • The family centre children had a visit from Jon Davis from Think Science on Tuesday.  He brought  his inflatable planetarium and the children thoroughly enjoyed this experience, learning all about our solar system.
  • Primary One learned about electrical safety and took part in different activities to learn more about static electricity.  Have a go at home – give your child a blown up balllon and ask them to show you their static electricity science tricks.
  • Primary 2 pupils have great fun at the Ready Teddy Go Workshop learning about forces.  They worked really well in teams exploring floating , sinking friction and gravity.
  • Primary 3 and 4 learned about magnetic forces in the Marvellous Magnets Workshop and are having lots of fun in class exploring magnets, they have a challenge to create their own game that uses magnetic forces.
  • Primaries 5 and 6 have been making lots of noise! They took part in the Sounds Amazing Show from Generation Science to learn about how sound is generated and travels.  In class they made their own Kazoos to take home. (Parents might want to get some ear plugs!)
  • Primary 7 have been learning about different ways of generating electricity in the Power from the People Roadshow.


Parent Teacher Meetings

On Tuesday and Wednesday evening we will have some tables set up in the dining hall that will give you information about supporting your child’s learning at home.  Please help yourself to the leaflets available.

There will be information about some useful websites that your child can use at home to reinforce learning.

We would also like you to give us your views on maths homework, there will be a short questionnaire for you to fill in.

We would like to have the views of as many parents as possible on the current maths homework so that we can improve this further.

This Year's Home Reading Challenges
Our Anti-Bullying Leaflets
Parent Information in the dining hall
Maths homework survey and leaflets for parents

We have mapped a number of orienteering courses in the school grounds. The children love getting outside and working in teams to find all of the markers.