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Today is 15th May – It’s Pizza Party Day

Some ideas to try on PIZZA PARTY DAY https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/collection/pizza
Why not have a go at making your own pizza or have a shop bought pizza for dinner.
Create your own pizza – invent a catchy name for your new pizza and the list of toppings that would be on it.

Design a box for your pizza, tis can be drawn on paper or use recycled cardboard to create a 3d box.

How much would you sell it for?

Create an advert for TV or social media to advertise your new pizza – film it on your phone.

Create a leaflet that can be delivered to homes advertising your new pizza  will you give a promotional price discount or voucher on your leaflet to get lots of sales?

Share your creations on your Google Classroom or on Twitter @CarlibarPS   #carlibarpizza