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Harvest Assembly

Harvest assembly will be led by Primary One classes on Thursday 13th October at 9.50am.  Primary 4 are collecting donations for the Barrrhead Foodbank as part of our Harvest celebrations.  Please send donations of tins and packets into school tomorrow or first thing on Thursday morning.

Thank you


Thank you so much to everyone who supported our recent fundraiser.   We have raised a fantastic £631.91 for the Beatson.  the final total will be slightly higher than this as there was a sealed collecting can that was being used at the table selling wristbands and stickers.  We will let you know when the Beatson tell us how much was in the tub.  Mrs Macintyre collected the cheque from Primary 7 pupils on Thursday night.  She was very touched by the generosity of the Carlibar community and she will give the cheque personally to the charity.

Our stalls also raised an additional £495 for the school fund.  This money goes towards  a wide range of items for the children.  The school fund is also used to subsidise the cost of school visits for classes, special events throughout they year eg parties and prizes, awards and purchases for golden time activities, baking etc.


Thank you so much for all of your donations and support on the day.

We are hoping that we will feature in the Barrhead News as the photographer visited on the day.

Convoy to Calais Donations


The ER Convoy to Calais has had magnificent support from the schools and nurseries in our communities. I’ve been amazed and made proud by the generosity of schools and parents

“The East Renfrewshire Convoy to Calais leaves this Thursday at 8pm from the car park of ER Council HQ in Eastwood Park, Giffnock. They are taking the largest single donation from anywhere in Scotland.  Schools and nurseries from all over East Renfrewshire responded with overwhelming generosity to the appeal.  All parents, children and staff are invited to be there for the send-off. The convoy organisers want to give the families who contributed the opportunity to see their donations leave, and to send the convoy off in style.



Can you help?

Councillor Waters is co-ordinating aid to those who are held in refugee camps in Calais and is organising a convoy which leaves on Thursday 29 October.

Things which are much needed and in very short supply are:

  • small torches;
  • double AA batteries for torches;
  • tea lights;
  • jars and packets of ready to eat baby food.

The general list the Aid organisations are asking for include:

  • warm clothing for men and boys
  • waterproof clothing for men and boys
  • sturdy footwear for men, women and children (all sizes and all ages)
  • camping equipment in working order
  • basic toiletries (soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste etc)
  • transportable food (anything non-perishable, e.g. tinned food, rice etc).

The group will accept other types of clothing donations as they will always find a use for them. Councillor Waters’ group will collect items on Friday 23 October or earlier if this can be arranged.

Please send any donations into school with your child.

Pennies for Malawi Day – Friday 30th May 2014

The pupil fundraising group have organised another charity event.  All children can bring in their coins to donate on Friday they will use these to cover maps and then count the total amount of donations. It is a wear as you please day – bright colours please and as usual no football team clothing.

All funds raised will go to support the work of the Betty Cunningham International Trust in Dambo School in Kaponda, Malawi.

Charity Fundraising

Primary 7 and Primary 3 children will be selling poppies to raise funds for Poppy Scotland.  This will be for one week only, Monday 5th November until Friday 9th November.  Suggested minimum donation of 20p for a poppy. The children will have sealed collecting tins so they will not be able to give change.