Emergency School Closure

In the case of an emergency closure or severe weather conditions, the school may not open or may have to close early on advice from East Renfrewshire Council.  It is important that parents check up to date closure information on the Council website. 

 For the most up to date information follow the Twitter Link on the East Renfrewshire Council webpage. 

Further information can also be found at  http://www.eastrenfrewshire.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=3831 

All parents should ensure that the school has the most recent mobile telephone numbers.  In the event of an emergency closure, text message alerts will be sent from the school office as soon as staff are able to access the building.  Please do not reply to these alert messages.

Dear Parent/Carer

You may remember that in previous years the weather was so severe that we had to carry out an early closure of the school and also had to have an all day emergency closure.

Hopefully there will be no need for further school closures this winter, however, should we require to close the school in an emergency situation caused by severe weather or for any other reason we want to make sure that all parents are aware of procedures.

In the event of severe weather conditions or emergencies, Head Teachers are guided by the Education Department’s Standard Circular 10b.  Following an assessment of the situation, in consultation with relevant staff in the Education Department, a decision will be made on whether or not to close the school. If this decision is made in the morning before school starts East Renfrewshire’s Twitter page, the school’s website and local radio stations will give information about schools that are closed for the day. Please check this before sending your child out to school.

We need to have a local emergency contact for all children, as emergency contacts who live miles from the school are unable to reach the school in severe weather. If you don’t have a local emergency contact we would appreciate it if you can arrange with a neighbour or friend who could collect or look after your child/children in these extreme circumstances. Please email this information to schoolmail@carlibar.e-renfrew.sch.uk or phone the school office. If you would prefer, you can send a letter into school with these details. We would appreciate being given this information as quickly as possible so that we can update our records.

If an early closure of the school is to be carried out during the school day we will:

  •  Contact the transport providers to ensure that the CCC school buses will be available.  If they are not, then pupils will need to wait in school to be collected by parents.
  •  Put information on the school’s website about the arrangements for the closure.  There will also be up to date information on ERC’s Twitter page.  It is really important that in the event of any severe weather parents and carers make every effort to regularly monitor ERC’s and the school’s websites.  The website will be regularly updated with any important information.
  • .Text parents and carers with information on the school closure.

As we will have a very large number of parents/ carers arriving at school at the same time we need parents to follow the guidance below when they arrive at the school after getting a text about an early emergency closure. This is to make the process of collecting children as quick as possible and ensure that all children are safely collected.

  • Nursery parents should come to the nursery doors.
  • PSADU parents should come to the PSADU entrance and press the buzzer.
  • Primary and CCC Parents who arrive at school should go to the main office, a member of staff will let you into the dining hall, take your name and the names/classes of the children you are there to collect.
  • You will be asked to sit at the table labelled with the class that your oldest child is in. Children will be brought to you and their names ticked on the register sheet with the name of the person who has collected them.
  • Children will remain in classes until almost all have been collected by parents. At this point the remaining children will be brought down to the dining hall and supervised there. At this point, if we have not heard from parents or carers of remaining children, we will attempt to contact them or their emergency contacts.
  • In very extreme circumstances, some pupils may not be able to get home and may have to remain in school beyond the school day.  This situation will be discussed with parents and, with support of senior school staff and the Education Department, pupils will be accommodated in school until arrangements are put in place for their safe transport home.

When the school has been safely closed, the head teacher will liaise with the Education Department on arrangements for the following day. Arrangements for re-opening the school will be communicated to parents via the school’s website and East Renfrewshire’s Twitter page.

I hope this information helps you to put any necessary arrangements in place in the event of an emergency closure.







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