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21st June – World Music Day

The best way to celebrate World Music Day is to spend the day listening to all your old favourites, sing along and even make your own music with improvised instruments.

How many things in your house could be turned into an instrument. –

Get outside and share some music or open your windows and share a song.
Create a family song , learn the lyrics and perform it.

1st June – Garden Wildlife Week starts

Remember safe distance when you are out on your daily exercise.

Get outside – go on a bug hunt, watch out for butterflies, birds, bees, squirrels, hedgehogs.

Put out food and water for birds.

Learn about the names of the creatures that live around us and identify some of them. Y

ou don’t need to print these – just open up the PDF on your phone or device to help you identify. There are also lots of nature ID apps available – just check that they are for UK wildlife.


29th May – National Biscuit Day

Enjoy your favourite biscuits in the house.

Talk about what makes them so special. Read the ingredients.

Find out about a famous Scottish biscuit factory and its history –

Be a biscuit designer. Can you create a brand new biscuit?

Give it a name, draw it or actually make it.

Design a box or a wrapper for it to be sold in.

Design an advert for the TV or radio to promote your biscuit and get people buying it. Film your advert on your phone.

Find out how biscuits are made in the factory

26th May – Paper Aeroplane Day

Additional ACTIVITY SHEET IN YOUR PACK – O wing glider instructions
More info for parents about O wings

Have fun today making different aeroplanes, investigate different types of paper and card, use old bits of wallpaper, card from food packets etc. In your pack you have some paper and card/paperclips. Sometimes you need to think about the nose weight – use paper clips , bluetac or plasticine to add weight to the nose.

REMEMBER safety when you fly them – don’t fly towards others. See which plane flies the furthest, straightest etc. This weblink gives step by step instructions to make lots of different types of planes at varying difficulty levels

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24th May – Scavenger Hunt Day

A scavenger hunt is just a list of things that you have to search for. You can make them as hard or as easy as you like to suit all ages.

Have a go making up a hunt around your home/ garden for your child to do on their own. It can be the actual names of things they have to find or clues/sounds etc.

There are so many sites online with examples you can use. All you need is something to write your list on and the person hunting can bring the actual item to you or tick it off on the list or write the answer.

Here is a sensory example.

ScavengerHunt – 10 items
Search around the house and garden to find something that is
o Soft,  bumpy,   sticky,   rough,   smooth,   sharp,   hard,   slippery,   bouncy,   fluffy.

23rd May – Children’s Gardening Week starts

Lots of resources for gardening activities suitable for all ages can be found on the RHS school gardening website

Two resources below can be found on their website

Get outside and identify some wild flowers, some people call them weeds, but weeds are just wild flowers in places people don’t want them to grow!

Wildflower guide         

Flowers come in all shapes and sizes – learn more here about what we call the different shapes of flowers.

Flower shape guide

Try growing the top of a carrot

Look after the plants that you have grown from seed – they might be ready to go out in your garden now.

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#rhsschoolgardens  #ecoschoolsscotland

23rd May – World Turtle Day

There are lots of great craft  ideas online with a turtle theme.

Use your creativity to come up with your own ideas.
Use empty food and drink containers to make turtles – lots of ideas online to get you started
National Geographic for kids has some amazing facts about turtles
Make your own quiz about turtles


How many different types of turtle can you name?

Find out  which country or countries they live in.

Look for videos online of mass turtle hatchings on beaches – they are amazing.