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Mental Health Week 1st to 7th February


The theme of this year’s Children’s Mental Health Week is

Express Yourself.

Expressing yourself is about finding ways to share feelings, thoughts, or ideas, through creativity. It is about finding a way to show who you are, and how you see the world, that can help you feel good about yourself. This is important all year round but we think right now we all need to remember that we need to take time out and to Give Emotions Time.

In the learning packs that you are collecting from school this week we have included a wellbeing grid and have given some resources for families linked to creating worry dolls and mindfulness colouring.  There is a paper copy of some art activity ideas from the Place2Be and a grid of other activities that your family may find useful.

The learning grid includes links for parents to East Renfrewshire Council’s Healthier Minds resource and also a Children’s First Guide from Emma our Wellbeing Support Worker.


23rd May – Children’s Gardening Week starts

Lots of resources for gardening activities suitable for all ages can be found on the RHS school gardening website

Two resources below can be found on their website

Get outside and identify some wild flowers, some people call them weeds, but weeds are just wild flowers in places people don’t want them to grow!

Wildflower guide         

Flowers come in all shapes and sizes – learn more here about what we call the different shapes of flowers.

Flower shape guide

Try growing the top of a carrot

Look after the plants that you have grown from seed – they might be ready to go out in your garden now.

Share your learning on Google Classroom or Twitter @CarlibarPS

#rhsschoolgardens  #ecoschoolsscotland

ERC Health and Wellbeing Update 5

We hope you have enjoyed the great weather over the last few weeks and are spending some time exercising outside.
It is great to hear that our pupils are engaging in remote learning – remember you can do this at the times that best suit your own family and your own needs. This might be about the number of devices you have in the house or when parents and carers are able to help. Some of this learning will be about your health and wellbeing, and remember that if you are finding any of your school work hard then you can still ask your teachers for support. They will be there to help!
This fifth update gives more advice to families about how to stay healthy during lockdown – mentally and physically.

Health and Wellbeing Update 5

18th May – National Smile Month starts

Info for parents from Childsmile website – for different age groups

Learn about the importance of brushing your teeth properly.

Try this experiment to see what happens when acid attacks your teeth
Board Game – create a board game all about teeth, play your game with your family. A board track game template has been included in your home learning pack.

17th May – National Children’s Day – PLAY MATTERS

Some ideas for today

Take time to play today. Be creative and have fun when you play. Invent new games that you can play with your friends when you can meet up again.
Children become the adult in the house and make the decisions for the day! (within reason!)

Useful Twitter links for play based ideas