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23rd May – Children’s Gardening Week starts

Lots of resources for gardening activities suitable for all ages can be found on the RHS school gardening website

Two resources below can be found on their website

Get outside and identify some wild flowers, some people call them weeds, but weeds are just wild flowers in places people don’t want them to grow!

Wildflower guide         

Flowers come in all shapes and sizes – learn more here about what we call the different shapes of flowers.

Flower shape guide

Try growing the top of a carrot

Look after the plants that you have grown from seed – they might be ready to go out in your garden now.

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Green Flag

Due to the number of applications that have been received by Eco Schools Scotland, we will unfortunately not hear if we have been awarded our green flag before the holidays.  We will keep you updated in the new session.

Green Flag

We have submitted our application for our first ever Eco Schools Green Flag.   All of the children have worked incredibly hard on a range of projects linked to caring for the environment. many thanks to the parents, grandparents and members of the commmunity who have helped us.  The Bank of Scotland volunteers will be in school next week to help us prepare our allotment area.

Royal Horticultural Society School Garden Awards

bird feederscomposting wormsAll of our classes in the school, fmaily centre, CCC and PSADU have been working really hard out in the garden now that the weather has improved.  We have been working on preparing the area that is going to become our allotment.  We have now applied for our level 3 award. We focussed on:

  • Creating habitats for wildlife, planting a range of plants to encourage butterflies and bees into the garden.  We have created a minibeast corner in the garden, painted a beehive for the Waterworks community garden.  put up bird feeders, nesting boxes and a butterfly feeding station.
  • Learning about composting and recycling.  the nursery have a wormery, they put the waste from their snacks into it and they make compost for their plants.
  • Starting to prepare our new allotment area. Planting more fruit and vegetables in school and outside.

Have a loook at some of our work.

Carlibar RHS level 3 evidenceWP_20160521_010

minibeast hotel completedreduce reuse recycleWP_20160513_001

Eco Assembly

Our new Eco Team  revealed the new Eco Code to the whole school at our September assembly and announced the winners of the Eco Mascot Shared Family Learning  Challenge.  The ideas that families had were great.  The eco team will spend next week creating the new mascot Carlibug, using ideas from a number of different mascot entries.  Watch out for more Eco news coming soon.