Science at Carlibar

Science Week 2015 is now in full swing across the classes in the school and CCC.

Parents will be able to see photographs of the experiences that children have had when they visit the school on Thursday 2nd April.

  • The family centre children had a visit from Jon Davis from Think Science on Tuesday.  He brought  his inflatable planetarium and the children thoroughly enjoyed this experience, learning all about our solar system.
  • Primary One learned about electrical safety and took part in different activities to learn more about static electricity.  Have a go at home – give your child a blown up balllon and ask them to show you their static electricity science tricks.
  • Primary 2 pupils have great fun at the Ready Teddy Go Workshop learning about forces.  They worked really well in teams exploring floating , sinking friction and gravity.
  • Primary 3 and 4 learned about magnetic forces in the Marvellous Magnets Workshop and are having lots of fun in class exploring magnets, they have a challenge to create their own game that uses magnetic forces.
  • Primaries 5 and 6 have been making lots of noise! They took part in the Sounds Amazing Show from Generation Science to learn about how sound is generated and travels.  In class they made their own Kazoos to take home. (Parents might want to get some ear plugs!)
  • Primary 7 have been learning about different ways of generating electricity in the Power from the People Roadshow.