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Barrhead High School Standards & Quality Reports 2018/19

Every school is required to produce a Standards & Quality Report each session to report on the implementation and impact of its improvement planning over the session. As you might expect, pupils are central to these activities and this report, and both staff and the Parent Council have also had a significant input.

The links below will take you to our full report, which includes  an extensive variety of activities at school and faculty/department level illustrating this

S&Q 2018-19 FINAL VERSION pdf

and also a shorter summary version

S&Q 2018-19 Summary Version PDF

which I hope you will find to be of interest.

Both of these reports will be able to be accessed easily during the session from the quick links on the left.

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Free Meal Entitlement

We have noticed that a number of young people are no longer receiving free school meals, despite having been eiigible last year or the previous year. We understand that your circumstances might have changed, but if you think you may still be eligible, it would be of benefit to you and the school to apply as soon as possible.

This allowance gives the pupils money directly on to their school account which they can use at the start of the day, interval or lunch time in school; but it also ensures they get access to wider supports such as supported study, Easter school and other provisions free of charge or at special rates. It is not enough to be eligible for free school meals – you must be actually in receipt to gain the other benefits. 

The school is also allocated financial support to meet the needs of all young people who uptake their free meal allowance.

If you think you may still be eligible, use the online link below to apply. If you have any concerns, or need assistance with completing the application, please contact your child’s pastoral teacher or year head.

Mr Sinclair

Making school food healthier

More fruit and vegetables, less processed red meat and sugar on the menu.

The Scottish Government and all local authorities are jointly committed to providing the healthiest food to children and young people. This commitment is underpinned by a duty to provide school meals that meet strict nutritional requirements, including encouraging the use of fresh, local and sustainable produce

School food regulations will be amended to ensure:

  • a minimum of two full portions of vegetables and a full portion of fruit are offered as part of a school lunch, with full portions of fruit and or vegetables also available in, for example, tuck shops
  • a minimum weekly amount in the school menu of red and processed red meat provision –  such as bacon, ham and pepperoni

For Primary schools – Ensure no more than 175g of red and red processed meat can be provided over the course of the school week, of which no more than 100g should be red processed meat. All of the 175g amount can be used for unprocessed freshly prepared red meat.

This is a new standard and is based on the Scottish Dietary Goal for red and processed meat which is supported by scientific evidence based dietary recommendations to limit intakes of these foods to 70g per day with the purpose of protecting the health of children and young people. Therefore if a child is to have processed meat in their diet this can be managed at home by parents/carers.

Dietary advice highlights red meat as a major source of iron and zinc which can contribute to meeting the recommended nutrient intakes for primary school lunches removal of fruit juice and smoothies from primary and secondary schools to help reduce sugar intake.

The measures follow extensive consultation and advice from a working group comprising health, nutrition and education experts.

  • Currently all East Renfrewshire school meals are nutritionally analysed and comply with the existing regulations laid down by the Scottish Government.
  • All medically prescribed diets will be accommodated on receipt of an Acute Services Division referral form from a hospital dietician or a Doctor’s letter detailing dietary requirements.

Lost property – last chance!

We have a significant amount of lost property from last year and no room to store it – before the new term adds even more – jackets, blazers, shoes, etc. It is all on display until next Monday. If your child lost something come in and check. After that we will recycle it.

SQA Results Day – Tuesday 6th August 2019

Best wishes to all our pupils for results day tomorrow. I hope you all get the results you worked for!

Remember there is no longer an appeals process but if you think there is something not right with your certificate or results you can phone in to school and speak to someone.

The appeals process has been replaced by the SQA Post-Results Service. This is in place to identify and address any errors which may have occurred in the marking. Barrhead High School follows the East Renfrewshire Education Department policy (see below) and can  only submit a request for a clerical check or marking review if “it holds clear and compelling evidence that there is a reasonable possibility that an error may have occurred with the marking or totalling of marks in a candidate’s materials”. It is not sufficient for a candidate’s final award to be below the level anticipated by the pupil or even by any estimates submitted to the SQA or that achieved in a mock examination.

If your results impact on your subject choices for next year, you should come into school on Tues 13th or Wed 14th Aug to renegotiate.

Remember – whatever your results, you have options. If they impact on your Higher or Further Education choices or on potential employment, our Skills Development Scotland (Careers) Adviser will be in school on Tuesday 6th and Thursday 8th August.

You can also call @skillsdevscot#ExamResults helpline on 0808 100 800 and speak to a careers adviser. Find out more here: (link: 



We are into the last week and this session seems to have flown past. There has been a real buzz around the school recently with our award ceremonies, graduation and some outstanding achievements as seen in our Celebrating Success evening last week.  We have also received 2 awards for the school in the last month – the Digital School award and the Vision School Scotland award for our work on the Holocaust.

On Wednesday this week we will have our Big Merit Award day. This recognises all pupils who are on the June merit list and have also been on at least 2 out of the 3 other lists since Christmas. Both the June list and the Big Merit Reward  list have been posted in school and have links below.

Pupils on the Big Merit List will have the opportunity to go on the inflatables and other special activities. We have asked for a £1 contribution to be paid on Parentpay before Wednesday.

In addition, for all pupils and staff, Wednesday will be a Dress-As-You-Please day with a £1 cash donation for those participating, to go to one of the school’s charities (collected during Per 1 on Wednesday).

School will officially close for the summer at 1 pm on Thursday, although any pupils going home for lunch with your permission at 12.20 pm do not require to come back into school.

I thank you all for your support and wish you a great holiday.

Mr S

8. June merit list PDF 19

Summer merit list for big reward

BHS Celebrating Success Evening – June 2019

ImageOur Celebrating Success evening this year was packed with outstanding performances from our young people – trampolining, dance, gymnastics, music, robotics … and more.

We have seen a very high level of achievement from our individuals and teams this session and this was recognised and celebrated in the finale when the pupils displayed their medals and trophies in  many different disciplines. Our trophy cabinet is bulging!

Each year the evening has opened with a video created by the PE Department.  high standard was set in the past and they have pulled all the stops out once again to match – and even surpass this.

You can catch this year’s video with the link below.

Barrhead High School Celebrating Success Evening Jun 2019

Mr S


Make Cowan Park a Better Place!

The Council is working in partnership with community stakeholders to plan the future of the park.  Budget has been set aside this year to make some initial upgrades to the park and they are seeking further funding from external sources, including the Regeneration Capital Grant Fund, to enhance this investment.

Our young people have been working with other partners to consider improvements to Cowan Park and would appreciate your input. Please use the link below:

For staff / parents / general public


For pupils