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S6 Leavers’ Day

 A huge thank you to our Parent Council for supporting the S6 leavers’ day event this year.

After the usual shirt-signing and saying farewell and thanks to their teachers, the S6 pupils were treated to a BBQ followed by the traditional water fight. 






All the activities were carried out in good spirits and our young people did themselves proud once again.

Their formal graduation and prom will take place on Thursday 6th June – hopefully they will have dried off by then!

Parent Council have also funded cones and ice cream for the next merit reward – given the recent weather ice cream will go down a treat.

Mr S

Easter Weekend Reminders

A reminder that the school will close this Thursday at 2.30 pm for the Easter Weekend and will reopen on Tuesday at the normal time.

Thursday will also be the S6 Leavers’ Day. S6 pupils should come into school at 10.40 am and will leave at 2.15 pm following the usual ‘special activities’ arranged for them!

See the separate posts about Study Leave, Revision Masterclasses and SQA exams.

Mr S

S3 Exams

As in previous years, we are running an exam diet for pupils in S3, this year from Tues 23rd April until Fri 10th May. We introduced this some years ago as part of our attainment-raising strategies and we believe it has contributed to the subsequent improvement in attainment.

It allows pupils (and parents) an opportunity to see whether they are on track with the learning in each subject area and also gives an early experience of the type of exam situation they will face in the prelims and the final SQA exams in S4.

Some exams will be held in the Games Hall to give a better taste of the ‘SQA experience’ but most will be held in classrooms during one of their subject periods.

Mr S

S3 Exams 2019 PDF


The SQA Study Leave runs from Wed 24th April until Tues 28th May. S4 pupils sitting a significant number of National 5 courses and all S5/6 pupils may study at home with their parent’s permission. (Note – Other S4 pupils will have a special programme of activities and will be allowed to study at home on the day before an exam with their parent’s permission).

During this period we have arranged an additional ‘Masterclass’ for each subject at which subject teacher(s) will be available to offer targeted study in preparation for each exam.

Pupils are encouraged to make use of these.

Pupils coming into school during the Study Leave period must be in full school uniform, whether for these sessions or to see a teacher.

master classes 2019

Easter School

The Easter School programme has been proposed, consulted on and finalised with all S4, 5 & 6 pupils over the past few weeks and pupils have now signed up for the sessions that are of most use to them.

Once again staff are offering sessions covering most subject areas over the Tuesday – Thursday mornings of each week (and Friday in Week 2).

There is a £6.75 cost per morning which will cover 2  1.5 hour sessions and this should have been paid through Parentpay by now. Anyone wishing to join a session now should let the School Office know.

While we would not recommend any pupil to work throughout the holiday without taking a break, these sessions will offer the opportunity for some targetted support work in a structured setting so take advantage of the opportunity they give.

Easter School Classes – April 2019


The school will

  • close this Friday 29/3 for Spring Break at the normal time
  • reopen on Mon 15th April at the normal time
  • have S6 Leavers Day on Thurs 18th April
  • close on Thurs 18th April at 2.30 pm for the Easter weekend.
  • reopen on Tues 23rd April at the normal time (S6 pupils may come in for classes)
  • commence SQA study leave on Wed 24th April

During SQA Study Leave, S4 pupils sitting a significant number of National 5 courses and all S5/6 pupils may study at home with their parent’s permission. Other pupils will have a special programme of activities and will be allowed to study at home on the day before an exam with their parent’s permission.

We are also offering the opportunity for targeted revision sessions just before each exam as in previous years.

Mr S



Drop-Off / Pick-Up at the School

The one-way stystem in the school carpark has been working well for staff and visitor parking. The drop-off in the area right in front of the building works fairly well in the morning when parents enter, drop-off and then leave immediately. We are aware that it is more congested at the end of the day when cars arrive and have to wait for pupils to come out.

We have also had concerns raised by residents in the streets across from the school about the number of cars waiting there to pick-up pupils.

The far end of our carpark is rarely used and actually has a second one-way loop, immediately on your left as you enter the front gate. I would suggest that parents use this as a pick-up/drop-off area, particularly at the end of the day.  Pupils can access the path through the park directly there and parents would be able to wait in the parking spaces and then depart from the school grounds without getting caught up in the congestion at the school side of the carpark, or the housing area across the street, which will also benefit our neighbours – this could be a win-win situation for everyone!

See the map attached

Additional Drop-Off, Pick-Up area

S4/S5 Parent Information Evening – Senior Pathways (Options)

Join us on Tuesday 29th January from 7 – 8pm at the Big Steps for information on courses on offer for senior pupils (new S5 and new S6) next session.

  • Our Careers Adviser will share information on entry requirements for college and university.
  • A representative from one of our partner colleges will provide information on Foundation apprenticeships.
  • Mrs Crawford will discuss both school and vocational options available for next session and the options process.
  • Miss Van Looy (Pastoral Support) will discuss the pastoral role in supporting their caseload for option decisions.

S5/6 Prelims

The S5/6 Prelim Examinations start on Monday 4th February.

A copy of the timetable can be accessed using the link below.

All of our students need to be familiar with the day and time of their exams.

All pupils have been handed a paper copy of the timetable. Pupils with additional support requirements will be issued with a separate personalised timetable from the support department.

If you would like extra advice on studying and dealing with exam stress then visit the SQA study guides section of their website (link below).

Mr Beaton

SQA Study Guide

S5-6 Prelims 2019

Supported Study Timetable 2019

Please find the supported study TT for S5/6 following the Christmas holiday.

The supported study sessions are not mandatory but we strongly advise that the pupils consider going to as many of the sessions as they can.

These sessions are specifically focused on preparing the pupils for their prelims and may focus on key parts of the course or on exam technique, or both.

Have a great holiday. See you all in 2019!

Mr Beaton

Link has been amended to open on any machine now – sorry!

S5 Supported Study Timetable 2019 – PUPILS