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Drop-Off / Pick-Up at the School

The one-way stystem in the school carpark has been working well for staff and visitor parking. The drop-off in the area right in front of the building works fairly well in the morning when parents enter, drop-off and then leave immediately. We are aware that it is more congested at the end of the day when cars arrive and have to wait for pupils to come out.

We have also had concerns raised by residents in the streets across from the school about the number of cars waiting there to pick-up pupils.

The far end of our carpark is rarely used and actually has a second one-way loop, immediately on your left as you enter the front gate. I would suggest that parents use this as a pick-up/drop-off area, particularly at the end of the day.  Pupils can access the path through the park directly there and parents would be able to wait in the parking spaces and then depart from the school grounds without getting caught up in the congestion at the school side of the carpark, or the housing area across the street, which will also benefit our neighbours – this could be a win-win situation for everyone!

See the map attached

Additional Drop-Off, Pick-Up area

S4/S5 Parent Information Evening – Senior Pathways (Options)

Join us on Tuesday 29th January from 7 – 8pm at the Big Steps for information on courses on offer for senior pupils (new S5 and new S6) next session.

  • Our Careers Adviser will share information on entry requirements for college and university.
  • A representative from one of our partner colleges will provide information on Foundation apprenticeships.
  • Mrs Crawford will discuss both school and vocational options available for next session and the options process.
  • Miss Van Looy (Pastoral Support) will discuss the pastoral role in supporting their caseload for option decisions.

S5/6 Prelims

The S5/6 Prelim Examinations start on Monday 4th February.

A copy of the timetable can be accessed using the link below.

All of our students need to be familiar with the day and time of their exams.

All pupils have been handed a paper copy of the timetable. Pupils with additional support requirements will be issued with a separate personalised timetable from the support department.

If you would like extra advice on studying and dealing with exam stress then visit the SQA study guides section of their website (link below).

Mr Beaton

SQA Study Guide

S5-6 Prelims 2019

Supported Study Timetable 2019

Please find the supported study TT for S5/6 following the Christmas holiday.

The supported study sessions are not mandatory but we strongly advise that the pupils consider going to as many of the sessions as they can.

These sessions are specifically focused on preparing the pupils for their prelims and may focus on key parts of the course or on exam technique, or both.

Have a great holiday. See you all in 2019!

Mr Beaton

Link has been amended to open on any machine now – sorry!

S5 Supported Study Timetable 2019 – PUPILS

Lost Property – going … going … gone!

We have a significant quantity of lost property and too much now to store or keep any longer. We are planning to highlight this over the next week and anything unclaimed by the end of the week will be passed on for charity / clothes bank.

The items will be put out on display in the Reprographics Room this week. Pupils can check it out  by calling at the School Office and they will be directed to it. Any parent who wishes to look for particular items  is welcome to come into school and report to the School Office.

Hopefully some lost items will be reunited with their owners but if not, at least they will go somewhere useful.

Mr S

Barrhead High School Remembrance Service 2018

Image result for remembrance graphics


The video clips below will give you a better picture of our Remembrance Service.


The first, lasting 2 minutes, gives a sense of the service and its impact. It was put together by our talented multimedia technician, Matthew Mathieson, and he has captured the spirit of the day with a very atmospheric account.

The Remembrance Service

The second is a 7 minute video, put together by our RME teacher, Mr Maybury, and is the one we all watched during the service. It links Barrhead, old and new, to memories of the war.

Barrhead Remembers.

Barrhead Remembers

Remembrance was at the forefront of our activities this week.

Pupils took time out each day to consider different aspects of remembrance and what we can learn today, in their classes.






On Friday, the focus culminated in a very special assembly with the whole school together in the Big Steps area at the heart of the school.

We were led in our thinking by pupils, staff and chaplain Rev Jim Cowan with words, music, art work, video and drama.









We finished with the Last Post and the silence while pupils laid wreaths and poppies fell.





A remembrance none of us will forget soon – just as it should be!



Catch up with what our 4 ‘Malawi girls’ and the rest of the ERC young people were up during the visit.

You may even see some of the children in football strips from Barrhead!

Well done girls (and boys), bringing some Scottish smiles to Malawi, and helping to make a difference.

Some of the pupils put this video together.

ERC Malawi Visit 2018


Question Time Invite

Image result for question time graphicsKerry Sloan, an S6 Modern Studies pupil in Williamwood High School, has sent an invitation to pupils, parents and staff to attend a local Question Time event, which she has been organising.

 It will be held on Monday 19th November from 7.30 to 9.00 pm and it is a free event where you just show up on the evening.

The panel will consist of Kirsten Oswald (SNP), Paul O’Kane (Labour councillor), Paul Smith (Conservative) and one S6 panellist.

This is the perfect opportunity to get pupils involved with politics and to scrutinise their local representatives – particularly worthwhile for Modern Studies pupils!! – but all are welcome.


Severe Weather Procedures

 All pupils have now been issued with a letter detailing the procedures we would follow if the school had to be closed during the day.

In summary, we would text all ‘main contact’  parents to inform them of the planned closure and then operate a controlled dismissal where:

  • S1/2 pupils will only be allowed to leave once we have heard from parents on the day;
  • S3/4 pupils may be allowed to leave if parents have given consent in advance – otherwise we would require to hear on the day;
  • S5/6 pupils will be allowed to leave school unless you have told us otherwise.

See the letter for further details.

For pupils in S1, S2, S5 & S6, we only require a return of the tear-off slip if you require to give a new mobile number.

Pupils in S3 & S4 whose parent are giving consent in advance, require to return the slip.

Mr Sinclair

Emergency closure letter to Parents Nov 2018 S1256

Emergency closure letter to Parents Nov 2018 S34