Welcome to our website. This promises to be a very busy  term for Auchenback as we prepare to celebrating Auchenback’s history before our closure in June 2012. Look out on the website for more information about the events that are coming up including our summer show and our final school show – tickets will be on sale very soon.

We are also busy working on our transition activities to prepare for the merger with Springhill in August 2012. The children have been enjoying visits between the schools and staff are working together to make sure that everything is ready for August.

As always, I hope that you enjoy our website and if there is anything else you would like to see on it please do not hesitate to contact us.

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  1. I am not a parent but am contacting you on behalf of a group of former pupils of the school. We were very sad to hear that the school is to close and would love to have a look around the building before it closes. It would be lovely to relive that very important part of our lives and are sure a walk round would bring back a lot of happy memories. We are all around 52 years old and we joined the school when it opened – we were in either primary one or two. In fact we planted the trees that face onto Arthurlie Street. Do you have anything official planned?

    Thank you

  2. Thank you for your post, it is always good to hear from people with fond memories of Auchenback. At the moment tentative plans are being made, and it is likely there will be an opportunity for friends, family and alumni to visit the school. Details will be posted here when they are available.

  3. As Chair of the Auchenback Parents Council, I am pleased that there is interest from former pupils regarding the final year of the school.

    We plan on holding a number of events between now and june and are happy for ex-pupils to be included whenever possible.

    Our ‘last ever’ Christmas Fayre is being held in the school on Friday 25th November at 6.30pm and everyone is more than welcome to come along. A number of local businesses have donated prizes etc and it should be a great night.

  4. hello, i am an old student at the school, i moved back to england when i was in primary 3 or 4. one of the teachers i can remember was miss Macdonald, she was my favourite and there was a different head teacher back then but i cant remember her name. i used to learn how to play claranet but i kinda failed, its amazing to see how well the school has developed, i can remember when there was breakfast club and a party thingy on thursdays, i was 6 when i left i am now 13 about to become 14 and i have missed that school so much and i have many fond memories, yours truly katie sawkins

  5. happy xmas and a excellent new yr to you as well

  6. hi, im an ex pupil, olivia hendry, i dont know if yous even remember me=)) im reece’s cousin, if that makes a diffrence:)), was sad to hear the school was shutting down, but enjoy your last year.

  7. Hello,
    My name is Sharon Fleming and I spent 7 very happy years at Auchenback Primary School. I only recently heard the sad news of the school being planned to close. I was a pupil from 1978 to 1985 and had some lovely teachers: P1 Ms Cuthbertson, P2 Miss Gorey, P3 Mrs McMillan, P4 Mrs McGregor, P5 Mrs Davidson, P6 Miss Moore and P7 Mrs Turnbel. I have such fond memories from my school days where I learned to play the recorder and claranet; I learnt to knit, sang in the choir at the Greenock music festival and took to the runway in the school fashion show. I am now a teacher myself at Kilwinning Academy and I would love the change to walk down memory lane with anything that is being planned to celebrate such a wonderful school.

    Kindest Regards

  8. My name is Sophie Forsyth. I am in y6 now. I miss AuckenBack primary school it is the best school in the world. I left when i was in y5 or six and i wish to come back but i cant because i live in england now. But if i moved back to Scotland i would come back t5o AuckenBack primary school.

  9. I am an old studint. I am called Sophie Forsyth from AuckenBack primary school. I now live in England so i cant come back. I am still in primary school i am in y6 now at Twogates. If i moved to Scotland i would go to AuckenBack primary school because it is the best primary school in the world.

  10. Sad to hear that its the last year for Auchenback. Very grateful to all the teachers who helped me get to such high levels before leaving and was upset I couldnt spend my final year with you. Will definetly be coming to any opportunities for a last look around along with my Mum, who was heavily involved in the PTA 🙂 loved all the christmas and spring fayres, such a wonderful wee school.

  11. My name is Adam, and it is random circumstance that brings me here today, for i stumbled here when Auchenback Primary came to my mind like so many other times. When I was nine years old I moved from Canada to Scotland where I attended Auchenback Primary, for two years. I have many fond memories of the school, and the caring staff who helped me in my transition into a new country. Two years in, and my family moved back to Canada, where I have lived and grown up ever since. I now have a successful career, and yesterday, I married the woman of my dreams. Auchenback taught me much about life in those two short years. The good, bad, and ugly, and prepared me for this ever changing world. Thank you Auchenback for a truly life altering experience.

    Thank you,
    -Adam Crymble

  12. loved the last assembly ever and its a sad day tht the school has 2 close gd luck 2 all pupils and staff in there new schools xx

  13. Auchy 4 ever going to miss my we school i love u staff and mr kennan and mrs mcculloch you have made learning FUN! thankyou 🙂 XXXXXX AUCHENBACK PRIMARY SCHOOL IS THE BEST BUILDING BULT!!!!! XXXXXXXXXX

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