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May 5, 2017
by Mrs Silvester

Would you like some advice about toilet training, tooth brushing, homework, nits, school projects or packed lunches? NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde can help you with the stuff that’s about growing up, bodies, puberty, gender, healthy relationships, identity, staying safe and happy, sexual health and wellbeing.

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To find information on the NHS GGC wbsite.  Click on the link below.

May 4, 2017
by Mrs Allison

Learning about money and coins


The children have been talking about money and what we use it for, they decided to hide it in the sand and then take turns to search for it. They  then counted how much they had found and looked to see what numbers they could see on the coins. Some children went on to draw pictures of the coins they had found and some suggested that we make a treasure chest.

“This one has a 10 on it”!

“Look how many I found, I could bay toys and sweeties”

“Its got a 5 on it”.


May 3, 2017
by Mrs Silvester

The children noticed that there were large leaves growing in the vegetable patch.

The children noticed changes in the nursery garden vegetable patch.  The staff explained the leaves were a rhubarb plant. The children then collected rhubarb and prepared it cooking it in the microwave oven.

“There are great big green leaves.”

“I found a snail on the leaf.”

“It is hard to pull out.”

“We need to wash it.”

“Its hard to cut.”

“I like it. It tastes like yogurt.”

Why Rhubarb is Good to Eat
• natural sugar is low
•a good source of dietary fibre.

•supply some vitamin C


April 12, 2017
by Mrs Silvester

Local business donate resources for our new sandpit.

This is the sandpit on the floor before we phoned the builder’s merchants.



Today some of our children made a shopping list of things they would like for their new sandpit which is now positioned on the floor in the playroom.

Then we used Shona’s office phone to phone a local builder’s merchant to ask if they would donate some of the items on our list.

One of the children spoke on the phone using the pictures on the shopping list to ask for bricks, sand and some fake grass. JW Grants Builder’s Merchants said we could have the items for free and another local business said they would uplift them.

The children were super excited!


April 10, 2017
by Mrs Allison

Creating new and exciting learning environments


The children have been creating new sand areas in our playrooms. We asked some of the local businesses in our community for there help.

The Casey Tree Company donated logs for our space and another local business transported them to our nursery.

“Can I help to put them in?” “I can lift the big ones I am strong”.

The Children were able to lift some of the smaller logs and put them in the areas creating there own ideas in the spaces. Children benefit from this using there problem solving skills, working together in a team and were using there large and small motor skills during this experience. Well done boys you worked well together.


March 30, 2017
by Mrs Silvester

Fire Fighters Visit the Nursery

In Nursery we are learning all about people who help us in our community.

Today in the Nursery we had some very special visitors.

Barrhead Community Fire Fighters came to tell us  all about the role of a fire fighter, how to stay safe and the equipment they use. The children were very excited to sit inside the fire engine, spray the water hose and asked lots of exciting questions.

They wore hard shoes.

I’m wearing his helmet.

“What’s a smoke alarm for? It made a loud noise. My Mummy has a smoke alarm.”

March 29, 2017
by Sheena Rainey

Woodland Wonders


The children have been enjoying the good weather over the past few days.   they have been planting sunflower seeds,  Bringing Science to the woods by creating a vortex inside a water bottle, And their very favourite Easter Egg hunt.   This gave us the opportunity to visit the Waterfall which was an awesome experience for all.   We then shared the Easter Egg which the Easter bunny had left.

March 28, 2017
by Mrs Liddell

Numeracy. I can count forwards from 1-10.

“That’s ten.”

“What number do you think is missing? “Eh, 1,2, it’s 3. 3 is missing.” “Don’t look, I’ll hide a number.” “What’s missing?”


“I’m balancing. 1,2,3.”

“What number do you think this is?” “I can’t see.” “Guess.” “Is it 3?” “No, it’s 10.”

Some of the children were out in the garden exploring the numbered stepping stones. Initially the children were using the stones to balance and counting to see how many. The children were able to use mathematical language as a result and were discussing what they could count to and identifying the numbers. As the play and learning progressed, the children became intrigued when they noticed that one of the numbers was missing. This led to playing “Hide the Number” game, which enabled the children to learn about numbers before and after and problem-solve to find the missing number.

I wonder what game the children will be able to create next.

March 28, 2017
by Mrs Allison

Messy Play exploring our senses through touch smell taste and fun

We are are having fun exploring some of our senses touch, smell  and sight this week we have investigated shredded paper, angel delight, cooked pasta, shaving foam and glupe.



It tasted like yogurt.


I played here its alien ears. Its cold and frosty.


I think it feels just like stickiness, cream stickiness.


Oh look at my hands they are all slimey.

Messy play stimulates the senses. The tactile experience gained during messy play helps little ones experience a variety of textures. During messy play, babies and toddlers are developing eye hand coordination and fine motor skills. What looks like a mess on the surface is truly a learning experience for your child.

March 24, 2017
by Mrs Silvester

What is a cloud?

Rain – Where Does it Come From?

Rain makes the grass green and it makes your garden grow. Have you ever wondered what makes rain though? There are always tiny drops of water vapor in the air.

The children have been asking what a cloud is. Miss Wordie asked “I wonder what clouds made from?” One child thought cotton wool. Then Miss Wordie suggested making clouds. The children added shaving foam on top of water and did an experiment to see if they could make a cloud rain. The children asked Miss Wordie, “Are clouds made from rain?” Miss Wordie said, “Yes,  a cloud is a large collection of very tiny droplets of water or ice crystals.”  They then added blue food colouring to the shaving foam and watched the rain in the cup.

“This is so cool”

“It looks like lightening”



March 24, 2017
by Mrs Allison

Mini Kickers using our gross motor and fine motor skills

The children were developing their gross motor skills at mini kickers, learning <a lots of football skills and listening to and following instructions.
“My dad was talking about dribbling, I’m going to score a GOAL”.
“I like learning about football, its funny”.

Proven benefits of regular physical activity across the lifespan include: Healthy growth and development. Building strong hearts, muscles and bones. Acquisition of fundamental motor skills. Improved movement, balance, coordination and reaction time.

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