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The children have had fun designing and making costumes for the rhyme “5 little monkeys jumping on the bed”.

Using props with songs and rhymes is a great way for children to interact further with the rhymes which are one of the best ways to help with language development. Using rhymes that also involve counting and numbers to help to start to develop a good number sense later in life.

Thank You Impact Arts who worked with our children to make a Fairytale Garden in our Centre.


Thank you to the Young people on the  Creative Pathways employability programme in Barrhead who worked with our children on Wednesday afternoon to make artwork and plant greenery for their garden.

This marked the end of a 12-week block of Creative Pathways in Barrhead, where young people have worked with artists Rosanna, Portia and Hannah, excelling at creative writing, arts and crafts – while learning more about the environment, their community and getting help to find work.

Last month, the young people presented their ideas to children, parents and our Centre, before creating a fairy garden to stay at the nursery for everyone to play with.

Woodland Wonders

At Woodland Wonders the children have been learning about the Danger of fire, and the positive use of fire in the woodlands.

they have been learning who to ask for help in the event of a fire and shared photos of the danger.   They have contributed to discussions about what we use a fire for in the woods.

We also used a fire steel and all the children had an opportunity to try for a spark.








This week we discovered a broken chair outside the Ally Bally Bee Room. The children investigated the crime scene to find out who might have broken the chair. The children we excited and discussed the crime scene. “Look there’s the three bears”. “Why is that chair there?” What is that ribbon for?” Staff supported then children’s curiosity. They searched for clues and noted down what they could see. The found a large footprint in the pile of flour beside the broken chair. The three bears were there too. The children compared the size of their shoe to the footprint and noticed the patterns on their own shoes. One child pointed to the pattern on their sole and said, “I’ve got circles on my foot.”

The children thought it was Goldilocks who broke the chair! But through detective work they discovered that Goldilocks foot was smaller than the print found at the scene. The children made a copy of the print and interviewed various suspects.

The mystery continues ……….

Storytelling with Props: Bring Favorite Stories to Life

Setting the scene and acting out Goldilocks and the Three Bears with props is one of our all time favorite story telling activities in Arthurlie Family Centre. Have you ever tried storytelling with props? We loved turning a book into a play.

The children in the Alley Bally Bee Room have been making resources for the traditional tale Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. They made a bed with a slide and ball pit for Baby Bear, a soft bed for Mummy Bear and a lumpy bed for Daddy Bear. Then the beds made from recyclable materials were used to retell the story.

Welcome to our Jungle in Ally Bally Bee Room

Children have taken part in collecting resources for our jungle area collecting mint leaves, anise seeds and branches from the woods, going on jungle animal hunts around the playrooms to find other animals and books. There are lots of different textures and loose parts in our jungle to create imaginative ideas. Children have thoroughly enjoyed exploring a variety of animals and taking part in role pay with peers. We have also added some African drums! Come and join in the fun!