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The children have had fun designing and making costumes for the rhyme “5 little monkeys jumping on the bed”.

Using props with songs and rhymes is a great way for children to interact further with the rhymes which are one of the best ways to help with language development. Using rhymes that also involve counting and numbers to help to start to develop a good number sense later in life.

Our children enjoyed their St Andrew’s celebrations thanks to our volunteer piper Colin who pipped for the children in our Centre both morning and afternoon.

The children had a visit from Colin the piper who played for the children.  The children also got an opportunity to play the chanter, dance and sing. The chanter is a pipe played with two hands. It produces the melody and contains either a single or double reed. … Drones are long tubes with single reeds. When a player starts to play the bagpipes, the drones emit one continuous sound that the melody is played over with the chanter.

Back in the playroom the children decorated their space with Scottish flags and tartan.  At the craft table they learned how to produce paper weaving and painted some Scottish Flags.



Thank You Impact Arts who worked with our children to make a Fairytale Garden in our Centre.


Thank you to the Young people on the  Creative Pathways employability programme in Barrhead who worked with our children on Wednesday afternoon to make artwork and plant greenery for their garden.

This marked the end of a 12-week block of Creative Pathways in Barrhead, where young people have worked with artists Rosanna, Portia and Hannah, excelling at creative writing, arts and crafts – while learning more about the environment, their community and getting help to find work.

Last month, the young people presented their ideas to children, parents and our Centre, before creating a fairy garden to stay at the nursery for everyone to play with.