Welcome to Ally Bally Bee

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This timetable is an example of plan for the day.

Monday 25th Jan —–) 9am – Physical with Joe Wicks,
The Body Coach TV – YouTube *
10am – Why don’t you sing along with Gill as she sings the Ally Bally Bee song!


11am – Child friendly history and activities around Robert Burns for young children. http://static.visitscotland.com/pdf/rabbie-for-kids.pdf


12am – Let’s find out all about why we have a burn’s supper with Lauren
Burn Night – Monday 25th


1pm – days of the week 0-10, 10-0


2pm – Lets do some Scottish Country dancing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfE7jHThiUc *


3pm – Listen to the poem Sair finger with Ann