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Parent Club ‘Boosting Family Wellbeing’ Campaign

This week we have launched the Parent Club ‘Boosting Family Wellbeing’ Campaign is launching this week. The campaign provides tips and supports parents to introduce positive interactions with their children into their daily routine. Different households face different challenges – but one thing everyone has in common is their mental health, and the importance of looking after it.

The Boosting Family Wellbeing campaign will familiarise parents with principles that build children’s happiness, confidence and independence – things like empowerment, safety, choice, working together and trustworthiness. These simple, everyday tips can help families reduce stress, improve children’s development and strengthen long-term bonds between parents and children.

This campaign is now live and will run until the 12 September on radio, digital, OOH and social channels.

How to Help:

  • We would love your support to promote the campaign and showcase the tips and support to as many families as possible during the campaign period
  •  Please share the campaign information and assets across your channels, and include the hashtag #FamilyWellbeing on your social channels

Stakeholder Toolkit:

We have a number of assets and tools which you can use to promote the campaign to families across your channels. The Parent Club ‘Boosting Family Wellbeing’ Stakeholder Toolkit attached contains the following:

  • Campaign overview
  • Key messages
  • Social media images and suggested copy
  • Campaign videos
  • SMS Text/WhatsApp copy
  • Summary Document – Including translated assets
    • This will also be provided in Arabic, French, Gaelic, Polish, Punjabi, Urdu, Romanian and Simplified Chinese. As well BSL, audio English and easy read. This will be available from the week commencing 16th

Campaign Assets:21-22 – Parent Club – Stakeholder Toolkit – Boosting Family Wellbeing – …

You can access all ‘Boosting Family Wellbeing’ campaign assets via the Parent website here:

Access the Parent ‘Boosting Family Wellbeing’ Assets via the PC Stakeholder Page here