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The Playful Pony

Country Gardens

Let it Go

Tears in Heaven


  • Play and let go of left hand chords (gives you time to find the next one)
  • Watch out for syncopated melody and chords changing after the melody notes
  • Use a strict hand position especially in the last couple of lines
  • Watch out for ternary form indicated by the D.C al Fine

The Entertainer

This piece is an example of Ragtime.  Ragtime features a syncopated melody and usually uses a vamped accompaniment.



  • Time:  00:01:30
  • PDF:  GreensleevesKHSPDF
  • PowerPoint: Greensleeves PP (right click download)
  • Exam Backing:
  • Video:
  • Advice:  This is a very achievable piece with a number of bars being repeated throughout each phrase.  Focus on dynamic contrast.  First 2 lines are quiet (p) and the last two lines each start loud (forte) and finish quiet (p).  A slight Rallentando (slowing down) at the end finishes the piece of well.  Listen to your accompanist to make sure your are playing together.




Little Brown Jug

  • Style:  Swing (078)
  • Tempo:  105 – 120
  • Voice:  Piano Dual Strings (000)
  • Length:  1 min
  • PDF:  Little Brown Jug PDF
  • Video:   


This can be a very achievable piece if care is taken in a few areas. The end of line one needs carefully work to ensure the correct fingers are used. See video for further help with this.