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P3/4 Work of the Week 01/12/2020

P3/4 have moved on to learning all of the skills to write a description.  Today during our writing session they were given the task of describing a person that means a lot to them.  They used some fantastic adjectives to describe their chosen person and some of them even managed to create a list of adjectives including a comma.  Take a look at some of our writers sharing their wonderful work in class.  There is some serious talent in this classroom.

On Tuesday we started the festivities off by coming to school in our Christmas jumpers and tinsel.  It was so lovely to see all of the Christmas spirit spreading among us and hearing about all of these naughty elves back home!  How wonderful do we all look?

P2/3 Work of the Week 01/12/2020

Primary 2/3 have been working on measuring length. We firstly compared and ordered different lengths of straws, ropes, pipe cleaners, bones, caterpillars and pencils using the language longer, longest, shorter, shortest and equal. We moved on to measuring in non-standard units: hands, feet and paces. We measured things around the class and in the playground.

Everyone has been very focussed on this and shown great understanding.


Primary 1 Work of the Week 30/11/2020

Last week, we continued our IDL topic, “My Community”.  We learned about Lugar Church and Christianity.  We compared this to a mosque.  On Thursday we walked down to Lugar Church and loved exploring the grounds.  All of the boys and girls were really impressed by the shiny bell.

On Friday afternoon we enjoyed some outdoor Physical Education with Ryan.  We loved playing games together and getting some exercise.  A lovely way to end our week!

We are looking forward to starting some Christmas activities in the coming week.

P2/3 Work of the Week

P2/3have been learning all about the human body.  We carried out an experiment to find out how our digestive system works.  Digestion starts in the mouth, where food is chewed and salvia added.  It then goes down the oesophagus and enters the stomach.  We put crackers in a bag – acting as our stomach.  Crushed them up and added coke to act as the hydrochloric acid.  It was pretty yuck!!!  We found out that it then enters the small intestine where digested food is absorbed into the blood stream.  Our small intestine is 6 meters long.  So we made our own out of paper chains.  It’s pretty long eh?!


P2/3 have been working really hard to improve their story  writing skills.   We designed our own characters from play dough and then made a story walk about them.  This really helped us be imaginative and talk about our work before the formal writing part.  We are so pleased how they turned out!

P5/6 Work of the Week 26/11/2020

P5/6 have been studying the daily lives of African children.  We put together storyboards reflecting a typical day.

Then we wondered …

What would life in Logan be like without services like power, gas, water and the internet?

As we wrote about “What if Logan was like Africa?” it made if pause to think how lucky we are.




P3/4 Work of the Week 25/11/2020

During topic we have been learning all about Police Scotland and the work they do for our community.  We are interested in learning about their uniform and got to look at an inspectors uniform.  We also got the opportunity to look at the uniform from the Metropolitan Police.  We managed to point out the similarities.