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Celebrating St. Andrew’s Day

The Asteroids have been successful learners finding out about the life of St. Andrew.
We showed great confidence celebrating Scotland by taking part in different Scottish activities.

We learned about the Scottish flag and the sign for Scotland/Scottish and made our very own saltire using tissue paper. We used this knowledge to hunt for Scottish food produce. When we found the foods with the Scottish flag, we had our own wee Scottish snack. We were very confident and tried some food we’d never had before – well done!

We also enjoyed listening to Scottish music and ‘burlin’ each other around when we did some ceilidh dancing. We also took part in singing/signing some Scottish songs – some words were funny!

Children in Need

The Asteroids class have enjoyed learning about Pudsey Bear and Children in Need.

The boys enjoyed coming to school dressed in their Children in Need t-shirts, pyjamas or casual clothes. They painted their very own Pudsey Bears with moveable arms and legs and decorated cupcakes with bright yellow icing and colourful spots. They enjoyed listening to a story with Mr Tumble and of course, Pudsey too.

Here are some photos from our day:

Remembrance Day

Today, the Asteroids were responsible and participated well in Remembrance Day activities.
We looked at poppies and their colours and how poppies are produced in Scotland. We made our own poppies using different materials: we used red and green play dough to make poppy shapes, we made a poppy sun catcher using tissue paper and we decorated a biscuit with red icing and a chocolate button for the centre.




IDL Evidence – Expressive Arts

Confident Individuals/Successful Learners

This afternoon, the Asteroids paid lots of attention to paintings by Giuseppe Arcimboldo. His portraits of people are painted using different fruit and vegetables. They enjoyed finding and naming the different foods used in his paintings. We tried our own fruit and veg portraits on the Promethean board and then we used pictures of ourselves and chose which food we wanted to use for our own facial features.

Don’t they look great?


FAOL Global Goals

Confident Individuals/Responsible Citizens/Successful Learners

The Asteroids have been learning about road safety with the help of Super Cat. We had great fun listening to the story, joining in with words and actions of the safety rap, road safety games, sorting out safe and unsafe situations and making our own Stop, Look, Listen and Think signs.

Well done, Asteroids!

Hallowe’en with the Asteroids


The Asteroids were all looking fabulous wearing their costumes this Hallowe’en. We had an astronaut, Beetlejuice, an angel and Cruella and her 3 Dalmatians!!

We have enjoyed some spooky activities.  We voted on which eco pumpkin  to make and got to work creating that and we made our potions using a red cabbage. Today, we started the day with some skeleton dancing, Hallowe’en corners, swat the spider, we dooked for apples and we made a scary biscuit monster this afternoon to have with our snack.

Happy Hallowe’en everyone!


IDL evidence HWB


The Asteroids did a super job of using potatoes to make and mash and create a potato autumnal hedgehog.

We all tried peeling our potatoes and chopping them into small pieces ready to cook. We also helped peel a carrot and then the teachers chopped them into small pieces to make eyes and noses. Next job was to chop our sausages into small pieces to make hedgehog prickles. We all enjoyed this job the best and some of us couldn’t resist a wee taste! 🙂

We used our mashers to mash the potato and enjoyed seeing the potato squeeze through the different shapes in the mashers!

When the mash was ready, we helped make a hedgehog shape then began to arrange our sausage slices to make prickles. Last job was to pop on the chopped carrot eyes and noses. Job done!

Don’t they look great? 

Some of us were confident individuals and tried them. Yum! The sausages were by far the favourite part.

Celebrating Diwali

Successful Learners/Confident Individuals/Responsible Citizens

The Asteroids celebrated Diwali this morning – the Festival of Lights.

We practised the Diwali Makaton sign and learned about the different things people do to celebrate Diwali. One of these being creating a Rangoli to place at their front doors. These are very colourful and we made our very own using different shapes, pom poms and glitter. We even threaded some beads to make tassels for it! We enjoyed celebrating light over darkness by having our own sensory light experience inthe classroom.

Well done, Asteroids!