Dear Parents/Carers

We understand that some parents and carers are supporting pupils to use social media, Facetime and Zoom to make contact during these difficult times.  It is great that you are able to keep in touch this way!

As previously communicated, we are looking at how school staff can maintain contact with pupils, through video calls or similar.  We are looking at options for this, but it may take a bit of time to set up.  Such contact between staff and pupils is permitted via the official Glow Scotland portal only, and not via Zoom, Facebook etc.  This is to protect our pupils, staff and families in line with East Ayrshire policy and General Teaching Council for Scotland Code of Conduct.

In the meantime, we also have lots of resources, links and videos on our website and invite families to engage with us via Twitter.

Parents and carers must not attempt to communicate with school staff using any method other than official communication channels.  As shared earlier today, we have an online contact form via the school app and on the homepage of our website, which you can use to securely contact the Senior Leadership Team.

If you are having any difficulties accessing any aspect of the website or app, please email and I’ll do my best to help.

Thanks very much for your cooperation.



How are we all doing?

Good Morning  Pine Class – how are you all? And all those at home with you?

The Pine Ladies are missing you all, so I thought I would let you know what we are all doing.

Well Aitken  has been getting her exercise and out running – not sure if Nathan has been joining her but I will check that out! So she will be super fit when we all get back to school!

Boyle has been supervising her husband, and strictly keeping him on task,  he is working from home and his boss has also been setting him fun challenges – today’s is to make pancakes – Boyle says he is not a cook, and perhaps she is worried about the mess, but I am sure with her supervision this will be a successful learning experience!!!! I will report back to you all.

Jardine, with Alan for good company,  has been keeping her steps up and walking 2 miles indoors – well done! And last night the two of them were going to learn dance with Oti Mabuse – she will be demonstrating her dance moves to us all when we get back – which will be great fun !  Poor Wilson it is hard being the only Pine Lady with two left feet…and no rhythm!! Did anyone else watch Oti in the morning?

Tonight is ‘Clap for our Carers’ at 8pm – so if you want to take part open your front door, or a window and clap, bang a pot with a wooden spoon, shout or sing – let’s show our appreciation and let off a wee bit of steam!!! #clapforourcarers

We are going on a Bear Hunt!!! Many houses are putting teddy bears in there windows, and children out on their family walks are having great fun spotting them!! This bear is in one of my upstairs windows, and while sitting in my dining room doing my school work I heard a child’s delight as she spotted it – little pleasures.  Have any of you got a bear in your window or spotted any??

Lots of children have been creating beautiful rainbows and putting them in their windows, these are lovely to see – makes me smile!! Come on Pine Class create a Rainbow and get it in your window!!!!

Songs we like to listen to in class, in the Pine Class we listen to lots of music!! And there is loads posted on the app, but we also like Elizabeth South Disney Medleys – these are short snippets of different songs, Jessica, Melanie and Reece love them or perhaps it is me singing over them!!! Shannon and Jacob enjoy some of them, Adam pretends he is too cool for them – but secretly likes them, although with all those girls he really has no choice!!  The Superman Song by Black Lace – catchy and we encourage all the actions!!

Well Wilson has been drinking far too much tea!!! I have burnt out my kettle – OH NO!! So I am boiling a pot of hot water just now – I will hopefully get a new one when I brave the supermarket for my shopping essentials on Friday!!    Wilson’s daughter Heather is still in Aberdeen, waiting to see what is happening with the Student Nurses in their final 6 months – so I will get her to put Willow the bear in her window.

As families, friends, school families and communities we are all finding it difficult being apart, but this is so important. Take care everyone – do what you can from home. #staysafe #savelives



Hello Pine Class!!!!


Well the Pine Class hasn’t been the same this week – we have really missed Melanie, Jessica and Shannon.

Reece has been doing loads of class jobs and keeping us all right!!

And we used up all the Home Economics supplies and made some wee cupcakes and chocolate krispies.

Adam has made us laugh lots and has enjoyed time out of his chair, with Jacob giving him good company  – and we watched Frozen – Again!!!!!!

We have done a wee bit of Art – but it is a secret – shh!!

And today Miss Devlin took over the Morning Group as Class Teacher, Adam and Jacob thought she was very strict, Wilson got sent to the quiet room for talking , Boyle got into trouble for carrying on,  but Aitken and Jardine were Teacher’s pets!!! She is one confident individual!!!

Hopefully we will see you all very soon.

We will miss you all


The Pine Ladies


Literacy Listening

Everyone today enjoyed taking part in a learning to draw activity through listening to instructions. We started with a letter and following step by step instructions, which turned the letter into an animal.  Everyone was successful learners and actively engaged in the listening task and enjoyed shouting out the animal they had drawn.  Everyone focused their attention when working on letter recognition and reading skills.

Cameron’s drawings are shown below.

Lots of socks #WDSD – successful learners

Today has been a very different day for some of the children in the Sunflowers class. However we have made the most of the situation. Today is World Down’s Syndrome Day we used some of the spare socks and took a picture of all of us wearing odd socks. We used crayons and stickers to successfully create our own pair of odd socks. We also have a new toy in the Sunflowers class. It is a huge hit. It is a bug that moves faster the noisier we are.  We had lots of fun shouting at the creature to make it move.

Be the best you can be!

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