Sungazers FAOL – Science in Class – Slime

The Sungazers Class love science and have all participated in various science activities over the term, making lava lamps, volcanoes, sensory snow, and slime. Their favourite experiment is making the cornflour slime as not only is it a good sensory science activity, it’s also good messy fun!

The boys are now able to follow the steps and make their own slime with minimal assistance.

Sungazers FAOL – Sciences – Weather – Tornado in a Jar

The Sungazers Class have enjoyed exploring different weather types through various science experiments.  This week we watched a video all about torandos then had a go at making our own ‘tornados in a jar’ using vinegar, water, food colouring and liquid soap.  We even added some sequences to see them get sucked up into our torando.  It was great fun!

Successful Learners – Digital Literacy

The Transition class continued studying Peter Pan and all answered their own reading and understanding questions. The boys had different tasks to do and were all Successful Learners. We had two different ways to understand words. We typed some into an online dictionary and read the definition before selecting the correct answers on the quiz and we had help understanding that some characters were ‘looping’ as they flew when loops were drawn on the board. This made it clear for the class.

Some boys sequenced and matched sentences to help the class understand what happened in the chapter and in what order.

Dinosaur Activities

Confident Individuals       Effective Contributors       *Successful Learners

Presently we are unable to access our photographs to blog but we have been very busy in the Stars class.

We planted sunflower seeds in pots for the school meadow. They are growing well and will soon need canes to support them. We also planted sweet pea plants in our garden planter. We’ve built another wigwam for them to climb up.

We continue to enjoy our dinosaurs theme making salt dough fossils and a sediment sand jar to show how fossils were made. We created a mod roc head for our giant dinosaur in class and made dinosaur footprints to compare sizes with our own.

Successful Learners – Numeracy Skills

The boys have been working hard on their individual numeracy targets and this week was no different. We traveled around the world again identifying different times in different parts of the world. We had a small shop at the back of the class selling everything from chips to fresh fruit and showering products. One of our boys was setting different challenges and timing everyone how long they take to complete. We also had sorting by size and sorting by different parts of the day. It was a busy classroom indeed.

Successful Learners – Sports Practice

It’s that time of the year already, when the Transition class begin practicing their sports day skills. The class were Successful Learners when they were learning the finer ‘points’ of the javelin. The boys copied the movements very well and throughout the week their throws got further and further. They also practiced their relay running. I think a bit more training is required to prevent the boys getting out of breath so quickly!

Confident Individuals – Reflecting on Work

As the Transition boys near completion of their SQA work there is an opportunity to reflect on the unit. The boys were Confident Individuals when they thought about their Eco unit. The boys selected ‘like’ or dislike’ for each activity then the gave reasons for liking or not liking two aspects. The boys were very focused and could give excellent responses to the questions.

Confident Individuals – Listening skills

The Transition boys were Confident Individuals this week when they had an opportunity to work on their listening skills. The boys played a series of computer games where they had to wait for the bell before pressing the switch. However, if they waited too long after the bell then they missed their opportunity to score points. Two favourite games were scoring goals and playing through different adventure levels to find the treasure.

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