Top potato 🥔

Hi everyone , hope you are all well and enjoyed last weeks task and you are looking after Peters seeds well. 😃
The weather hasn’t been so nice this week but hopefully you are still keeping busy .
Anyway this week challenge is a creative one . Sticking with our theme I challenge you all to make a potato person , just like ‘Mr potato head’ only better ! So use anything you like to decorate it and ask a grown up to help you with tricky bits , you can use fruit , vegetables , flowers , twigs , arts and crafts supplies just experiment and see what you like … remember a good place to start is to look in a mirror at the features you have like a nose 👃 eyes👀 , ears 👂 and mouth ,then try and give you potato person the same .

To help you out I asked all the ladies in the class to make one for you all to see . What you think ? Do they deserve a thumbs up 👍🏻?

As always if you complete the task send a photo to Mr Campbell and he will let us see them or put them on the blog .

This week in the Snowdrops we have a birthday girl . So all the ladies would like to wish Rachel a very Happy Birthday 🥳 🎂 for Thursday xx enjoy your celebrations 🎉


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