FAOL ECO/ Sustainable Development

We have been successful learners this term working towards global goals 2 and 3: Zero Hunger and Good Health and Wellbeing.


We have been learning which foods are healthy and can be eaten often, and which should be eaten as a treat. We were confident individuals and created our own packed lunch boxes showing a balanced meal.


We have also explored different ways to keep our bodies healthy and confidently matched the products and items needed to keep different body parts clean.


Move day

The Planets had a super busy day with all the move activities!
The class was full of confident individuals who took part in lots of different activities both indoors and outdoors.


We took part in ribbon dancing, playing ‘keeping uppie’ with balloons, following the actions to dances and movement challenges.


Outdoors we participated in space activities such as reaching for the stars, launching rockets and making fruity rockets.

A very busy day for the Planets!