Week 4 – Home Learning Challenges

Hi Planets Class! Hope everyone is doing ok. Missing you all lots and sending lots of virtual hugs.

This week’s blog will tie in with celebrating LGBT month which starts today, the 1st February.

* Literacy *

Below are a few LGBT themed stories from YouTube. Can you listen to a few? What is your favourite?

Giraffes can’t dance


Mommy, Mama and Me


And Tango Makes Three


I am Jazz


Our favourite Singing Walrus have a rainbow colours song. Listen and join in with some of the colours you recognise.


* Numeracy *

Can you go on a colour hunt in your wardrobe and find clothes/shoes/accessories showing every colour of the rainbow? Maybe you could talk siblings and/or parents or family members into doing this too.

If you’re brave enough, go on a local area walk wearing your rainbow colours with pride.

Extra challenge….you could navigate your walk in the shape of a rainbow using Google Maps!


* Health and Wellbeing *

Can you bake rainbow themed cupcakes? Use rainbow coloured sprinkles to decorate similar to the images below, or can you be really fancy and make rainbow buns?

* Science *

Complete the skittles rainbow science experiment, all you need are some skittles, a plate and warm water.

Arrange the Skittles in a single row coloured pattern around the edge of the plate. Pour over enough warm water to cover all the Skittles and the plate itself. Watch and wait as a rainbow appears on the plate, the colours will move towards the middle and create a whirl of colour.

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