Week 3 – Home Learning Challenges

Hi Planets Class! Today is Robert Burns’ birthday 🥳🎈 I thought this week that we could celebrate by doing some Burns themed home learning challenges.

* Literacy *
Below are two animated clips of some famous Robert Burns poems. Can you listen to them? What one is your favourite?

A Red, Red Rose

Auld Lang Syne song

Can you find some of the Burns themed words hidden in the wordsearch below?

* Numeracy *
Can you go on a tartan hunt? You might be able to find some tartan in your house, I have a tartan scarf and a tartan skirt that I have found in mine.
Can you create your own tartan using the electronic game below? Maybe you could make a different tartan for each person in your house showing their favourite colours.

This is Miss Gemmell’s design that I made during the game.

* Health and Wellbeing *
Can you put your icing skills to the test and create some kilt wearing gingerbread men? We had been using icing pens for some Christmas crafts as part of our ILP targets so this activity ties in nicely.

* Expressive Arts *
In class, we regularly create some step by step drawings. We find this very calming and relaxing. Normally Miss Gemmell demonstrates step by step on the SMARTboard, however a parent/family member could have their own piece of paper and be demonstrating for you to copy.

Can you draw Robert Burns?

Week 2 – Home Learning Challenges

Hi Planets Class! I hope you are all doing OK, I’m missing you all lots.

Here are this week’s home learning challenges. You can do as many or as little as you wish, they are just some ideas.

* Literacy *
Watch the animated story below of “While We Can’t Hug”

This week, can you try out all of the greetings on people around you?
Here is a list of what you are trying to do:
Make a funny face
Write a letter
Do a little dance
Blow a kiss
Sing a song
Draw/paint/colour a picture

* Numeracy *
Below is a list of things you can be doing at home to keep developing numeracy skills during lockdown.
1. Go for a nature walk and collect leaves, sticks, pebbles and other natural items. Your child can sort them into groups based on size, colour, shape or what they do.
2. Sing songs and read books that have numbers in them that repeat, rhyme and have rhythm. This will help your child understand patterns.
3. Play simple board games, card games and puzzles with shapes and numbers, like ‘snap’, or matching pairs or dominoes.
4. Play outside games like ‘I spy’, hopscotch, skittles and ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’.
5. Play or sing music at different speeds. Your child can dance, jump or shake musical instruments to slow or fast songs. Sing nursery rhymes slowly and then speed up.
6. Race toy cars and talk about which came first, second or third.
7. Help your child to arrange her favourite toys in order from shortest to tallest.
8. Involve your child in cooking. Your child can help stir, pour, fill and mix. This helps your child become familiar with concepts like counting, measuring, adding and estimating.

* Health and Wellbeing *
I’m sure you will agree that the weather hasn’t been ideal for getting out and about for local walks. So I thought I would show some move and groove alternatives for rainy days at home.

We have tried most of these in class already and they all last between 5 and 10minutes.

Winter Wonderland Cosmic Yoga

Joe Wicks – The Froggy Coach

Zumba Kids Dance

Kids Home Workout

* Science *
Does it sink or float? Play a fun game

What you’ll need: A bowl of water, toys and items that you don’t mind getting wet, a towel

What to do:
1. Fill a bowl with water.
2. Ask your little one to guess whether they think an object will sink or float.
3. Encourage them to drop the object into the water and see what happens.
4. Sort the items into 2 groups: Floating items and sinking items.

Home Learning Challenges – Week 1

Hi Planets Class!

Hope you are all well and know that the ladies are missing you lots 💗

I thought this week, we would focus our 4 home learning activities on our theme of the Loch Ness monster. We had only touched on this briefly before Christmas.

* Literacy *
Can you click on the link below to listen to our theme story of “There’s No Such Thing as Nessie”.

Can you watch it back and pause on an image of the main characters.
Look for Nessie, Finlay, Gran, Mum and big sister Sarah.

* Numeracy *
In the theme story, Finlay and Gran enjoy sharing a picnic. Can you have a picnic in your house this week? The focus is on sharing items so maybe share out some Christmas chocolates or sweets or pieces of fruit. Make sure you go around the circle, giving everyone a piece of food so that it is fair.

Afterwards, can you play a game. It could be Snap with the focus on sharing some playing cards (one to me, one to you type thing) or it could be a lego challenge and you could focus on sharing out the blocks.

* Health and Wellbeing *
Can you have a Scottish themed food tasting session at home? We do this regularly in class and encourage tasting of items, or smelling, giving it a kiss or even just exploring with our hands.

Can you try:
Lorne Sausage
Potato scone
Porridge oats
Tunnocks Teacake

And if you are allowed a little treat of some fizzy juice, you could wash it down with some Irn Bru.

* Music *
Can you watch and listen to the 3 Scottish songs below? Did you enjoy them all? Did they make you feel happy or sad? Choose your favourite.

Three Craws

Ally Bally, Ally Bally Bee

Ye Cannae Shove yer Granny

If you feel like having a little bit of a move and groove, here are The Wiggles showing you how to do the Highland Fling. Can you copy some of their moves?