We hope that our (soon to be) new S1 pupils and parents / carers find this section of our blog useful. We understand that this may seem like a big change, with lots of new procedures and processes to get used to. We are confident that you will find our school similar to our excellent associated primaries 

The tabs below contain important information and links to documents that will hopefully answer most of your questions. Our school contact details can be found at the foot of this webpage. Please direct your enquiries to Mr McGurn.


The attachment below will allow you to view the P7 information evening presentation for those who were unable to attend.

We will be adding more content to this page in the coming weeks so please check back!


Clothing Grant / Free School Meals / Transport

The link below will take you to The East Ayrshire website page that contains details on ellegibility for free school meals and school clothing grants. If you are eligible, click on the ‘apply online’ section to access the portal.




The School Day

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RBA Building Guide

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Travel Plan and Bus Times

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House System


Dress Code

School Visits