National 4 Lifeskills Mathematics

Recommended entry: This course is suitable for learners who are secure in their attainment of the National 3 Lifeskills Mathematics course, or have equivalent qualification or experience.

Skills, knowledge & understanding:
This course will develop learners’ ability to:

  • interpret straightforward real-life situations and problems involving mathematics.
  • identify appropriate mathematical operational skills to tackle straightforward real-life situations or problems.
  • use mathematical operational skills to an appropriate degree of accuracy.
  • use mathematical reasoning skills to assess risk, draw conclusions or explain decisions.
  • communicate mathematical information in an appropriate way.

Progression: On successful completion of this course, the learner could progress to National 5 Lifeskills Mathematics or Numeracy (National 5) Unit.

Useful Documents

N4 Lifeskills Mathematics Course Notes [PASSWORD PROTECTED]