Advanced Higher Mathematics

Recommended entry: This course is suitable for learners who are secure in their attainment of the Higher Mathematics course or an equivalent qualification.

Skills, knowledge & understanding:
This course will develop learners’ ability to:

  • use mathematical reasoning skills to think logically, provide justification and solve problems.
  • understand a range of complex concepts.
  • select and apply complex operational skills.
  • use reasoning skills to interpret information and to use complex mathematical models.
  • effectively communicate solutions in a variety of contexts.
  • explain and justify concepts through the idea of rigorous proof.
  • think creatively.

Progression: On successful completion of this course, learners could progress to a course in higher education such as a degree or Higher National Diploma. These could be in mathematics or in a mathematics-related area. There are many careers where mathematical skills are important, and this level would be useful in areas of science, engineering and technology, through the use of mathematical modeling. There are applications in computer technology, encryption security, equipment design, and in the design and analysis of experiments and tests. There is use throughout the financial services sector, such as in economics, accountancy and actuarial work.

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Advanced Higher Mathematics 2016 Marking Instructions

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