Some pictures of our Staff

Here are the first pictures of our staff.  They are also in the Gallery section of the website.

Mrs Cowan by Alfie                                 Mrs Lennon by Halle


Mrs Campbell by William            Mrs Cowan by Cameron

Mrs McKillop by Mack


Well Done!!!  What staff will be next??

Mrs McKillop”s Challenge Week 1

Mrs McKillop”s Challenge – Creative/Art/I.T.

My challenge for the first week of the School and ECC closure is to create/draw a picture of a member of staff.

Adults may join in this task and create their own picture.

If you wish you may email a photo of your picture to me and I can upload your pictures to the website and APP.

My email is. (my work email sometimes blocks or stops me getting emails from out which the council) (my glow email probably the best one to use as I can definitely access all mail)

Any other questions feel free to mail me about anything.

I hope you enjoy this challenge and I look forward to seeing your creations.

keep safe,

Mrs McKillop


For help here is a picture that was drawn approximately five years ago when someone designed me as a robot !!