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This Week’s Star Pupil

Primary 3

Nathan – talking about his Scottish project to the class

Max – working well with his peers

Mya – super instruction writing

Primary 4

Imogen – always trying to brighten up a situation

Lennon – making an effort to improve handwriting

All of P4K – getting to grips with GLOW blogs

Primary 7

Kerr – Cycling

Robert – making excellent use of our Class Teams page

Luke – an Amazing contribution to our Shape Lessons.

Deputy Headteacher’s Award

Sophie – being a kind and helpful pupil



This Week’s Star Pupils


Primary 1

Noah – a super mixed up fairtytale

Macie – writing super sentences

Starla – using string to make our new phoneme – ch

George – being the best and ‘Smartest Giant in Town’


Primary 2

Alfie – Using your ‘sounding out’ skills to write words

Colin – trying extra hard to write in sentences

Cherelle – Fantastic daily writing

Primary 3

Lucy – showing super numeracy skills in Number Talks

Abbi – helping promote International Women’s Day

Zoe – linking division with multiplication

All of P3S – fantastic ‘Scotland’ projects


Primary 4

Evan – improving his writing and producing a great book blurb

Charlie – demonstrating super shooting skills in basketball

Shae – increased focus and attention

Tulisa – super progress &  motivation in writing

Primary 5

Tyler – making good progress in maths

Robbie – well presented literacy work in jotters

Lewys – being a confident performer in Literacy activities


Primary 6

Emily – showing a determined approach to new learning

Danyal – Showing maturity

Alex – consistent great effort and beautiful presentation

Lewis – participating well in the editing process during writing

Primary 7

All of 7m – being superstars at Inverclyde

Cameron – showing great sportsmanship at Inverclyde

Leon – has done some great work in Inverclyde

Deputy Headteacher’s award

Morgan – being very helpful in P1

This Week’s Star Pupils



Primary 1

Andrew – trying hard and challenging himself

Harper – super gymnastics at P.E. and teaching her friends

Abie – trying hard with her writing – Jenny & the Bear

Amelia – being a helpful buddy to the nursery pupils

Primary 2

Bonnie – Outstanding story writing!

Maisy- helping  Mrs Findlay to set up the Tea Dance

Amelia – being an active member of the class and always smiling

Lexie – A great improvement in her writing – well done!

Primary 3

All of 3C – working so hard on Monday

All of 3H – outstanding creative writing by everyone

Derren – designing an amazing bike and explaining how it works.

Charlotte – super ‘thistle’ art work

Primary 4

James – demonstrating fantastic multiplication skills

Jack – more confidence when answering in class

Macie – super effort in writing

Primary 5

Molly – super comprehension work

Sarah – trying her best in Numeracy with fractions work

Rhona-Mae – great work in ICT and helping her peers

Primary 6

Gabriella – a mature approach to her learning

Reece – excellent writing

Derryl – taking part fully in school and after school activities

Logan – Excellent effort during writing lessons.

 Mrs Findlay’s Special Award

Finlay – Being a Responsible Citizen. Finlay has settled in very well to Breakfast Club this  week. He has been a great help.?


This Week’s Star Pupils





Primary 1

Shane – Working hard with French numbers.

Oscar – Working hard at all times in class.

Starla – Contributing to a class discussion about interesting sentences.

Emily – Fabulous Phonics, well done!


Primary 2

Ava – Outstanding effort and writing

Connor – using spelling strategies to write larger words.

Euan  – Fantastic writing


Primary 3

Blaine – Super spelling

Charli – trying hard with her Scottish poem

Shanai – settling in well to her new school! Lovely girl!

Khayri – super 2 x table work


Primary 4

Jack – always trying hard and always smiling

Olivia – being very helpful in class

Asmaa – writing super sentences about the Titanic

Esa – reciting her poem beautifully


Primary 5

Ryan – Progress in  maths

Lewis – Good comprehension answers for All about Castles

Amy – fantastic work in writing


Primary 6

Liam – Learning his poem

Chloe – A fantastic Scottish Burns recital poem – The Puddock

Daniel – Being an excellent contribution during class discussions


Primary 7

Katie – Motivation to learn even when facing challenges

Andrew – has done some great work in currency conversion in Numeracy

P7S – being a pleasure to teach. Good Luck!

This Week’s Star Pupils

Primary 1

Ruby – Super Subtraction!

Zak – An outstanding recount of The Three Little Pig’s Story

Cara – Excellent Subtraction Work

Ava – Writing a super sentence on her own

Tyler – making his own book


Primary 2

Callum – Super answering in class and at group times

Sonny – Becoming an independent worker in literacy and numeracy

Baylee – Amazing sentences


Primary 3

Brandon – Excellent phonics

Georgie – Super imaginative story

Hannah – having such a bubbly friendly personalty and a caring heart!

Aidynn – Super attempt at joined handwriting


Primary 4

Amy – super subtraction of a 3 digit number from a 3 digit number.

Jaxon – A positive attitude to all learning in class

Lennon – being a ‘Titanic’ expert

Primary 5

Erin – for her great ideas for her story writing

Emma – displaying a very hardworking and respectful attitude in P5


Primary 6

P6A – fantastic poetry recitals

Kerr – always working hard in class

Aimee – great commitment and pleasant manners at all times

Charlotte – writing an excellent report on Britain Prepares for War


Primary 7

Brandon – understanding and calculating percentages