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Shadow Messages

P4 pupils were set a task to create a shadow message, perhaps for a loved one who they can’t visit just now or for their friends to see online.

We have been so impressed by the examples that we thought it would be a lovely idea for all pupils to be involved in.

Some teachers have been getting creative and sharing their messages too.

Here are some lovely examples…




We would love if you would join in the fun and create a positive message to keep us smiling although we can’t see each other just now.

You can email photos to

Can you please send them by Friday 24th April 2020, 5pm. There are a few really sunny days ahead to test out your messages.

Got a special message for your friends or for your school community?

In addition to our shadow messages, you can also email Mr McIlwraith a special message that you may have for a best friend or a group of friends! What are you most looking forward to when you get back to school? Who are you missing and why? Drop Mr McIlwraith a message and we will share it with our Onthank Community for your friends to see online! Please note that your name will appear on the video if you send us a message so make sure you get permission from an adult.

Looking forward to seeing them!

Mrs Williams 😉

Calling All Lucy Fans!

Chris Duke has written this story in the style of a free eBook to explain how Lucy is coping with being in Lockdown. Like many children, Lucy experiences many emotions during this time.

Her hair is blue but this time she knows why. She also knows that it is ok to sometimes have a blue day.

The link below takes you to the free download. Following the story there are some points for discussion.

If you would rather, you can watch it on the YouTube link below. Enjoy!

Something for Everyone!?

Hope all of our Onthank families and friends are all safe and well.

We will be keeping the main blog page free for important information, however, we wanted to share a couple of ideas which might benefit all of our pupils.

Each morning, Joe Wicks will be providing online PE lessons at 9am. We have all enjoyed taking part in his sessions before.


When it gets closer to bedtime, why not log onto Facebook or YouTube  each night at 7pm and listen to Chris Duke, the author of ‘Lucy’s Blue Day’ reading a chapter per night of his new book ‘Archie Unplugs the Internet’. A lovely routine to end the day. ?

Thinking of everyone at this difficult time.

World Book Day 2020

P4 have had a great day celebrating World Book Day 2020. We had dress up fun, shared our favourites stories and books, did book related tasks and some of us enjoyed paired reading with our buddies in P3.

P4K our DFS Group, had a wonderful time celebrating too. We are reading plenty of books and managing to fill in our Reading Passports for the First Minister’s Reading Challenge.

World Thinking Day 2020

World Thinking Day 2020 is embracing the theme of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. World Thinking Day is celebrated on 22nd February every year. It is celebrated around the world by organisations such as Girl Guides, Brownies, Scouts, Rainbows, Beavers, Boys Brigade and Anchor Boys.

We invited our pupils to wear their organisation uniforms to school today.

Everyone looks so proud to belong to their club.

Children’s Mental Health Week 2020 – Find Your Brave

Children’s Mental Health Week 2020 took place between 3rd – 9th February and this year the theme was ‘Find Your Brave’.

Mental Health problems affect about 1 in 10 children and young people. Through our Health and Wellbeing programme in East Ayrshire we strive to support our pupils by offering many opportunities to share how they are feeling and to look at strategies to help them when they may be feeling sad, stressed or anxious. Pupils learn that their emotional wellbeing is just as important as their physical wellbeing.

Last week, many classes looked at ‘What makes you feel brave?’ and encouraged pupils to try something new to build confidence and to feel good about themselves.

The main message always given is that there is always someone to talk in school whether it is a friend, the class teacher or another member of staff.

Koala Protectors

As a RRS we have a duty to offer support where we can to other countries in need.

The pupils have been discussing the tragedy in Australia and have been asking how we can help.

We have made a donation to the WWF charity to become ‘Koala Protectors’. Our donation will help towards the care needed to help injured koalas and to help in the restoration phase after the fires.

We will also receive updates from WWF.

Our actions have helped towards the following Global Goals for Sustainable Development…

Lucy Pear Visits P4

Last year P1-4 enjoyed a visit from the author Chris Duke who wrote the book ‘Lucy’s Blue Day’. This is a delightful little book which is a stimulus for discussing emotions.

Lucy Pear has magical hair which changes colour depending on her emotions. Lucy is excited when her hair is purple, angry when it is red and blue when she feels sad.

She soon learns that it is #OkNotToBeOk and that these feelings will soon pass.

Violet in P4K was so excited to waken up on Christmas morning to discover that Santa had brought her a Lucy doll. Lucy visited the ‘Rocks’ rotation group during Health and Wellbeing and she listened to the class checking in with their hair colour of the day.

Children's Mental Health Week 2020 will take place from 3rd February – 9th February 2020 and as always we will be supporting our pupils by offering opportunities to share experiences, emotions and we will have a focus on the theme ' Find Your Brave'. More information to follow.

RRS – Global Goals

In 2015, world leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals for a better world by 2030. These goals have the power to end poverty, fight inequality and address the urgency of climate change.

As we are now in 2020 there are only 10 years to achieve these goals for sustainable development.

Everyone can contribute to making sure the Global Goals are met.

As a Rights Respecting School we will be familiarising ourselves again with these goals and be considering how we can help to make a real difference.


P4 have been learning about the Global Goals during Health and Wellbeing time. Everyone is very motivated to play their part.

Chris Duke visited East Ayrshire today!

P1-4 pupils were excited today to meet Chris Duke, the author of the story ‘Lucy’s Blue Day’.

Chris travelled for 3 hours today to visit Galston Primary, Onthank and Hillhead Primary to share a very powerful message.

The day started with the Kilmarnock Standard photographer speaking to Brooke Hannah in P3W who shared her writing with Chris and he has used it on his Facebook and Instagram pages.

Other pupils showed art work related to the various emotions shared in the story of Lucy with the magical colour changing hair.

P1 and P2 then met Chris and also Mary MacInnes who has been selling handmade products to raise money to donate a copy of the book to all schools in East Ayrshire. Mary is a local girl who attended Loanhead Primary School. She wants to spread the message to the community that ‘It is ok not to be ok’ and that blue days will pass.

Some p1 pupils showed their super work!

Chris and Mary complimented the P1-P2 audience!

P3 and P4 also listened well and asked some super questions at the end of the session.

Look out for the article and photos in the Kilmarnock Standard.

Copies of the book can be bought online at A version suitable for older children is available to pre order. (P+P not included – discount code is invalid now)

P3 Water Day 2019

P3 have been enjoying learning about the water cycle and about the various uses of water.

On Thursday 27th June all P3 classes will be participating in some fun water activities.

As the weather forecast looks good we are asking for pupils to wear shorts and t-shirts to school but to bring a change of clothes and a towel.?

Pupils should come prepared wearing sun tan lotion and bring a water bottle.

Let’s have some super fun to end a fantastic year in P3!


The Spice Teachers

Lucy’s Blue Day – Author Visit

More classes have become familiar with the book ‘Lucy’s Blue Day’ which explores emotions and explains that it is ‘Ok to be not ok’ and that there are people we can talk to when we are feeling a little blue.

Lucy’s hair changes colour depending on her emotions.

This delightful book has led to great class discussions, super stories and fab artwork in various classes.

Brooke Hannah in P3 shared a story with the author and he used it on a film reel at the ‘This Morning Live’ roadshow. Brooke was excited to hear that Dr Ranj, Rylan, Rochelle and Holly and Phil had seen her story!!?

Chris Duke, the author of the book is visiting Onthank on Tuesday 25th June and he will visit Galston Primary and Hillhead Primary too.

Chris has offered us a discount code to use online for buying a copy of the book shown. Our code is ONTHANK and the book can be bought at
The discount removes postage and packing. Chris will have the orders with him when he visits and he will sign books too if you wish.

The upper school version of the book can be pre ordered and will be released in August. A fab book with a powerful message.

Lucy’s Blue Day #OkNotToBeOk

Have you heard of Lucy’s Blue Day?

This is a beautifully illustrated book aimed at addressing the mental health of children.

We have two copies of the book in school. One of which was donated by an ex Loanhead Primary pupil who is raising money to buy a book for every primary school in East Ayrshire.

About Lucy

Lucy is a very special little girl with magical hair. It changes colour with her emotions. If she is feeling happy it is purple. If she is jealous, it will turn green.
This charming story is a tale of when Lucy wakes up and her hair is blue and she doesn’t know why. She soon learns that it is #OkNotToBeOk.

“What a charming book that we are sure will help enormously”. Stephen Fry

“Such a clever, common sense and totally relatable way to talk about mental health”. Lorraine Kelly

We are very lucky to have the author Chris Duke visiting Onthank Primary on Tuesday 25th June to read the book and answer questions.

Chris is travelling from Forfar to visit us and he will visit Galston Primary and Hillhead Primary on the same day to share the same message.

He has offered parents and carers a discount code if you wish to buy a copy of the book. Our code is ONTHANK. This removes the cost of P+P. Any books ordered after 24th June will be full price.

You can order from

A version for older children and teenagers is available to pre-order. Details can be found on the website.

Both versions of the book help children to understand that they are not alone and that there are people who can help if you are feeling blue.

P3W explored the various emotions and related it to their own lives.

P3 Information

Primary 3

Wednesday 1st May

It’s almost show time. Don’t forget to order tickets through Parent Pay and tickets will then be delivered to your child.
Can you please send your child to school on Monday with their show costume in a carrier bag. Please label everything!

On Thursday 2nd May Primary 3 are planning to visit the Dean Park to hide special stones they are designing this week. Keep your eyes peeled next time you visit!

Please provide your child with a snack and drink to take to the park. We will return to school for lunch as normal. Children should wear suitable clothing for the Scottish weather!

If there is anyone willing to help us out on the trip please contact the school office.

Homework will continue as normal next week. This week continue to revise all sounds taught so far and remember to log into Bug Club.

In term 4 we will be covering 2 mini topics, the first being ‘Here come the Vikings’ where children will be designing their very own tunic. If possible please send in a white/cream pillowcase for this activity by Friday 3rd May.

Sharing the Online Safety Message

P3W were excited to take ownership of counting and distributing leaflets to all stages today.

All pupils have been given a ‘Digital Parenting’ leaflet to take home. This leaflet contains some very valuable information about keeping up to speed with the latest digital technology and wellbeing issues so that families can get the most out of the online world.

Active Learning in P3

We are all enjoying being active in our learning!

Sometimes we learn best when we are cooperating with others, using interactive Maths materials, learning our phonemes through games and simply…having fun while learning!

P3C have been beginning to divide. They have been learning about the concept of sharing.

P3W have been consolidating various phonemes through rotational tasks.

Owl Magic

P3 are doing a novel study on ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark’. We have been learning about owls, habitats, food webs and nocturnal animals.

We had a visit from ‘Owl Magic’. Davie brought 6 owls into the school. We were able to ask questions and we had the opportunity to hold an owl.

Christine who is a Ranger at Dean Park came to visit yesterday and she gave us even more information. We are all owl experts now.

Super total raised for STV Children’s Appeal!

A big thank you to all pupils and parents who donated and participated in our ‘Onthank Danceathon’.

We all enjoyed sessions led by the dance coach Claire Adam who has appeared on the reality TV programme “Got to Dance”.

We raised an amazing total of £469.42 for the STV Children’s Appeal 2018!!

P3 ‘Welly Wednesday’

On a Wednesday afternoon P3 will be participating in ‘Outdoor Learning’.

Today we got our wellies on and we went on a hunt for some Autumn leaves. We had so much fun!

Back in class we enjoyed an Art lesson using our favourite leaf. We had to study the markings and colours on the leaf.

Pupils should remember to bring wellies or outdoor shoes every Wednesday to allow them to participate.

P3 were excited to meet Barney the Dinosaur!

We were so lucky to have a visit from the ‘Dino Team’ today! Kevin entertained us with fun and games and some of us got to hold a real snake!

We also had a visit from Barney the T-Rex. We had to feed him and take him a walk. We also explored how tall a T-Rex would have been and how long it would have grown to be.

An exciting afternoon to celebrate all the work we did during our ‘Dinosaur’ topic!

P3 Growth Mindset Challenges

All P3 pupils have been participating in ‘Growth Mindset’ challenges. Pupils showed great determination as they tackled five different challenges which can often be difficult or frustrating.

P5 pupils assisted at the ‘tying shoelaces’ challenge and many P3 pupils were successful.

Some groups managed to build very tall towers with plastic cups! We needed to have steady hands!

‘Beat the Buzzer’ was really tricky but we had lots of fun and plenty of laughs.

We tried drawing pictures and writing with our opposite hand. Some people discovered that they can do this very well and others decided that they would need to keep trying to get better at it.

We had fun playing ‘Jenga’. Again, we had to concentrate and take our time so that we were successful.

We now know that having a ‘Growth Mindset’ makes learning more fun!

When we learn something new we are happy, motivated and determined.

Katie and Erin were so happy to now be able to tie their shoe laces. They made a new ‘pathway’ and they can now help others!

STV Children’s Appeal 2018

We will be supporting the STV Children’s Appeal this year.

The STV Children’s Appeal is committed to helping children and young people in Scotland affected by poverty.

The money raised by the appeal helps make a real difference by providing food, warm clothing, opportunity for employment and enabling support for those who need it most.

In partnership with ‘BlueStar Productions’ we will be having an ‘Onthank Danceathon’ on Friday 5th October 2018.

Pupils are invited to wear sporty clothes (no football colours), bring a donation and join in the dancing fun!

We would like to invite parents/carers to participate along with the classes. Please see the timetable below:

9.30-9.50am – P1 and P2
10-10.20am – P3 and P4
11-11.20am – P5, P6 and P7

RRS Article 27: Your right to a good standard of living.

Roald Dahl Day 2018

Pupils in P3W enjoyed Roald Dahl Day 2018. Roald Dahl has been our “Author in the Spotlight” this term.

We have read ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ and we created our own magic medicine.

Pupils brought in their favourite Roald Dahl books, we participated in some mindfulness related to ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ and Owen took on the role of Willy Wonka. We also answered Maths problems related to many of the characters in Roald Dahl’s famous books.

At the end of the day the pupils took home a bookmark to use in their own books when reading for enjoyment.

We will have a vote to see who our next “Author in the Spotlight” is.

Stretching like Grandpa from ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’.

Owen welcoming us all into the Chocolate Factory.

P3 Pupils have a ‘Growth Mindset’

Our P3 pupils have had a visit from ‘Try’atops the Growth Mindset dinosaur.

Tryatops has been encouraging the pupils to develop a positive attitude towards learning and to understand that making mistakes is part of the learning process.

Pupils are learning the importance of the word ‘YET’. Instead of saying “I can’t do it” we should say “I can’t do it YET”.

We want all pupils to feel comfortable and happy in their learning environment.

Over the next few weeks during our Health and Wellbeing lessons we will be facing some challenges and showing how determined we are to succeed.

P3W pupils chose a motivational phrase to write on the classroom pencils.

World of Work

We have all been enjoying learning about ‘Our World of Work’.

We have shared ideas of careers which we think we might enjoy in the future and we have been considering what steps we would need to take to be able to do certain jobs.

Importantly, we have been discussing the strengths and talents we have already and how we can continue to develop these.

We have had lots of fun playing games, participating in roleplay and some of us have even tried to fill in application forms for our dream jobs.

P6K worked with Miss Smith to create a ‘World of Work’ Assembly. Through drama, music and dance they demonstrated that if you are determined and work hard you can achieve your dreams.

The whole school enjoyed the assembly on Monday and today we welcomed parents and relatives to watch.

Well done P6K!

RRS Ambassadors 2018

Our Rights Respecting School Ambassadors met today to share ideas on ways in which we could improve our playgrounds. They worked so well together and came up with some great ideas.

We also wrote a letter to Tesco to thank them for donating oranges for our Race for Life and we thanked Ann Smith the Tesco Community Champion for supporting us on the day.

Mrs Williams and the Ambassadors also discussed how we are getting on on our journey to our Gold Level award. We know what our next steps are and we will work hard to achieve Gold.?