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How To Access Bug Club At Home

If schools close in the coming days or weeks we would like the children to access Bug Club at home if possible. We have put together a step by step guide as to how to access it. In the meantime  can you please make sure your child is able to log on?

Thank you for your continued support.

  1. Google              Bug Club

  2. The top search says ActiveLearn:Login  –  click on that link.

  3. That should take you to the password page.

  4. Insert your personal login details.

  5. The photos below show what to do. The “child”  we have used to demonstrate  this does not exist and is made up purely as an example.

6 . If you see a “bug” you click on it and your child will have a task to perform.

Remember you can access maths activities on Bug Club too.


Funky 1970s Items Needed

Dear Parents and people from the 1970s,

Primary 4 are on the look out for some items for the 1970s show. If you have any of these items we can borrow you will be rewarded by a sherbert filled flying saucer or a dib dab!

  • Spacehoppers
  • Walkman
  • Roller Skates / roller boots ( not blades)
  • Star Wars Costumes
  • Old jeans that can be customised
  • Old dial telephone
  • Any 1970s costumes

Thank you all so much for your help!


A balancing act in P4M !

P4 M have been busy in the gym developing gymnastics skills! Look how fantastic and bendy  the budding  gymnasts are ! Well done everyone!

Lucie and Jodie demonstrate the bunk beds balance .


Adam and Calum working hard to
balance with Lyle giving good advice.
Greg and Ethan managed to balance for 10 seconds. Well done boys!
Aaron and Luke were a fantastic pair and kept trying until they mastered the bunk bed balance!
Bailey showed us how to balance steadily on one leg !
Robyn and Megan are very bendy ! Fantastic skills girls !
Rowan balances in a crab.


Molly is a fantastic gymnast with fabulous skills !
Adam and Lucas are concentrating hard so
they can hold the balance.

P4M Number Talks & Active Maths

Hard at work thinking about the best strategy to use.
Calum Brown and Lucas Baird are keen to explain their answers.
Ellie is the new teacher in P4M !
Christopher and Mitchell are working as a pair .
Lucie in Jodie and thinking of new strategies to use.
Showing the class hand signals to communicate an understanding of maths .

 P4M have been working hard to learn different strategies to help solve addition calculations. Here we are at work today. See if you can spot the strategies we are using.